Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Special Thank You

Ona Move

As we start the first day of the new year and move forward  in our campaign against The Pa Parole Board I'm taking the time to look back at 2014 and the strong success that we have had in this worldwide campaign.  The eyes of the world is on The Pa Parole Board and their continued illegal
Actions of keeping innocent Move Members in prison.  At this point not only are people seeing how
The Pa Parole Board are holding Move Members hostage but people are not accepting it and people are holding these legalized crooks accountable and they are writing and flooding the phone lines of
The Parole Board Every Monday demanding Justice for The Move 9.

The issue of Police Unions and their influence over these Parole Boards have been made just that an issue that is now been exposed and have people fed up and taking action. New York with The Pba and  The Parole Board and Jalil Muntaqim and now Abdul Majid. The State of New Jersey and Sundiata Acoli , Pennsylvania and The Move 9. It has been shown to the public what's going on and the public has responded in protest. When this campaign was first  initiated I never envisioned it moving this far and building the support that it did. We have moved mountains on this issue and this was just the tip of the iceberg cause we haven't even started yet.

As I look back on the past year  I  just want to thank several people who with out their hard work and help this campaign could have not gone forward. People like my Brother and Sister Illy and Margie both respectively from The Denver Abcf and South Brooklyn Abcf. These are two of the most hardworking people I have ever seen. Anything asked of these two they always did and more and the two of them and their hardwork is greatly appreciated. Meeting these two hard workers a year ago has been a blessing and I know The  Move 9 feel the same exact way. This young brother and sister have been able to bring a lot to this campaign.

I cannot forget all of the radio show host that hosted us for Move 9 Media Month in January  2014.
People like  longtime supporter in NYC Sally  O' Brien  along with Dequi Kioni Sadiki on The Where  We Live Show.  Court  Room Radio with Michael Coard in Philadelphia . The Dynamic Duo of Scotty Reid and Amejill Whitlock on Political Prisoner Radio. Also we cannot forget new friends made along the way who opened up their radio shows to us Gabriel Bryant, Maletia Ward, Sistah Q, Chris Tinson, Keri Singleton, and our good brother Final Straw and also our good friends in Delaware who hosted us on radio and  cable on the same day.

I want to thank my Brother Mumia Abu Jamal  for his two beautiful commentaries  that he contributed for Move Media Month.  You really set the tone and it was appreciated my Brother.
I cannot forget sister Noelle Hanrahan and Prison Radio for giving recording time to Move Poltical Prisoner Janine Africa  for a statement that we played over the airwaves during Move Move 9 Media Month.  I cannot forget Philadelphia activists Patrice Armstead , Clarissa Rogers,  and Kamua Bectemba who have all been a big help in any way possible . These three are also great workers and people in general that any movement would be blessed to have.

I cannot forget new friends met along the way like Alina Dollat and Freda Willis both who I have never met one on one but oh man these are two hardworking sisters that are on point and  are a true value to the work around Political Prisoners. I cannot forget our good friends from The NYC Free Mumia  Coalition  who have always reported our email and statements along with our good friends from NYC Jericho. Our good friends From The NYC Anarchists Black Cross . There were some people that I didn't mention but believe me your hard work is greatly appreciated and acknowledged.
Your hard work is admired and The Move 9 appreciates it a whole lot.

I just wanted to take the time to thank all the people who wrote letters in support of Parole For The Move 9 and who have called and continued to call The Parole Board  on behalf of Justice For The Move 9. Shout to Sister Shandre Delaney and shout to The Dallas Six and all The People Doing work in support of These fierce Brothers. Shout out to Russell Maroon Shoatz and Supporters working to help our brother Maroon . Shout out to Brother Lorenzo Cat Johnson and his Wife Tazza Savatto and all of their supporters let's continue to run on Pennsylvania Doc and the injustice Y'all Solidarity.
We are really moving mountains and it shows greatly .

Lastly a special shout out to my two beautiful sisters Ramona Africa and Ann Lamb who have both been an inspiration and right here from the start of this campaign  this wouldn't have been able to go this far with out having the two of you . Okay I'm closing this up but thank you to all the freedom loving people  who love it enough to fight for it stay strong and keep the fight up we will win.



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