Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eddie Africa Denied Parole

When The Move 9 became eligible for parole in 2008 The Pennsylvania Parole Board took on the responsibility of officials of this system in keeping innocent Move Members in prison for the rest of their lives . From 2008 up until as recent as this past week all of The Move 9 have been denied parole.  . We received a call last night from our brother Eddie Africa who was calling to let us know he was denied yet again by The Pa Parole Board and was given a two year hit where he would not go before the board again until 2018 .

The Parole Board has cited the issue of Eddie being a risk to the safety of the community.At Eddie's parole hearing the parole board was presented with a petition of 300 signatures of members of the community who would welcome him on parole into the community and who in fact felt no threat to their safety with Eddie in the community . It's obvious that this community that the parole board is talking about is none other than the law enforcement community across the country who have mobilized against parole for Move Members .

This clearly shows that The Parole Board has no regards to the community and their input on anything as they only value the input of law enforcement officials who they are obviously  working in conjunction with to keep our family in prison . Eddie sounded strong as always and he has not been deterred by this and neither are we . The fight continues to win parole for our family as we prepare for our sisters may 2016 parole hearings . There will be more information to follow in the next couple of days on the next steps we are taking .

In the meantime we urge people to sign The Petition we aimed at US Attorney General Loretta Lynch as we demand that The Justice Department investigate the wrongful and ongoing imprisonment of The Move 9 . People can go to

Also For More Info People Can Go To 

Justice For The Move 9/Facebook 
Move 9 Paroleblogspot .com 

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Poem For Move

Move (for water contaminated flint, for pam, ramona and the move 9)
By ‘bro.zayid’   
“say, we better run on...
See what the end is gonna bring
“Say, we better run on…
See what the end is gonna bring…”
                        -freedom song
When the time has come
Once u get clear
Once u get ready
Once u get set
Once the light comes on
Once the toxic smoke clears
Once the truth arrives
Sledgehammer hard and heavy
Once u’ve had enuf
Once u’ve done yr work
Once the children and elders are secured
Once yr allies are with u.
Once the spirit of justice stirs like hot stew
Once yr down
Get up
When the word is given
When the drum sounds
When the time has come
For the precious air we share
For the water for tongue and skin
Get ready
Get set
For love for liberation
For life
Move! Move! Move!
Goddamnit, move!
“say, we gonna run on
See what the end is gonna bring…”
© 2016 all rights reserved

This poem was written and performed by brother zayid Muhammed for the February 12th 2016 evening of solidarity for parole for move political prisoners that took place in NYC .

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Twitter Storm For Justice Dept Petition For The Move 9 on 2/17/16

Ona Move 

In the summer of 2015 supporters of The Move Organization initiated a petition aimed at United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch . The Goal of the petition is to push the United States attorney General to investigate the wrongful and ongoing imprisonment of The  Move 9 who have been imprisoned since August 8th 1978 . Our goal is to reach 25,000 signatures in order for The Justice Department to launch an investigation into the case something that will require work and help from you the public .

This Wednesday February 17th 2016  we have organized a twitter storm for people who are on twitter to help obtain signatures for the justice department petition  for The Move 9 .
We are including a link with the instructions for the twitter storm at
Also for people to gain access to the petition site they can go to

In August of 1979 The United States justice Department filed suit against The Philadelphia Police Department for Abuse and Brutality Against citizens of the city of Philadelphia this came one year after The August 8th 1978 Attempted Murder , Beatings, and Arrest Of The Move 9 and the arrest and beatings of members of the Powelton Village section of Philadelphia . Your help is much needed at this time please participate in this twitter storm and invite all of your friends on twitter as well 

Ona Move 

Denver Abc 
South Brooklyn Abc 
NYC Friends Of Move 
The Move Organization 

For More Info People can go to 

Move 9 Paroleblogspot .com
Justice For The move 9/Facebook 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Mumia On The Move 9 Sisters

© ’16 Mumia Abu-Jamal [1/19/16]

It’s a fact that the U.S. is an Ahistorical society. If we go more than 20 minutes down time’s road, most Americans will have forgotten all; in a few weeks; a month?
Forget it.
Americans long for the new, best thing. And truth be told, what passes for history these days are usually lies. Y’know, about freedom-loving ‘Founding Fathers’, and so forth. Truth? Almost all of them were wealthy slaveholders. It’s hard to even say, ‘Freedom’ when you own other people.
Let’s go back, but not so far. August 8th, 1978. That’s the last date that MOVE sisters Debby Sims Africa, Janine Phillips Africa and Janet Holloway Africa saw freedom. That’s the date Philly cops attacked MOVE’s house in West Philadelphia, and again, truth: they shot one of their own – and charged 9 MOVE men and women with murder.
Yet how do you murder someone, shoot someone, without using, or even charging them with possessing  a weapon?
For 38 years, the MOVE sisters have been wondering about the same thing.
Truth: They were prosecuted for being MOVE members.
They were convicted for being MOVE members.
They have repeatedly been denied parole –for being MOVE members.
The struggle for their long-denied freedom is heating up, as more and more people learn about their unjust plight.
These beautiful, thoughtful women are model prisoners.
They help other women at Cambridge Springs ‘Correctional’ Institution navigate the horrors of imprisonment.
It is criminal that they’ve been in prison for one day, much less 38 years!

Join the campaign to Free the MOVE Family;
--© ‘16maj

Denver Abc Supports The Move Women

Greetings to all,

When I first started writing political prisoners, I anxiously awaited everyday for responses to my letters. Debbie Africa was one of the first to comrades to write me back. I was so excited I couldn't help but announce it to everyone. I felt honored that such a committed revolutionary, whom receives  mail from all over the world, took the time to respond to meIt was epic. The inspiration accelerated me into prisoner support faster then I could have predicted.

Two years later I would find my self organizing a trip to Pennsylvania to visit the Move 9. Accompanied by Odette of South Brooklyn Anarchist Black Cross and warmly welcomed by Ramona Africa, the trip solidified quickly. Unfortunately however, we were unable to squeeze a visit with Debbie, Janet, and Janine due to the more than 300 miles that isolate them from the others. One by one the Move men encouraged us to included them on the next trip. The importance of a focus on getting the women out of prison first, was expressed enduringly.

A year later, at a hell hole known as SCI Cambridge Springs, we were greeted by the joyful energetic spirits we've been aching to see.  I melted as Debbie ran across the room and hugged me. I felt re-born after Janet's hug and 10 times stronger after Janine's. The visit was everything we expected and more. Sitting face to face with such passionate freedom fighters, listening to new ideas, new strategies, and planning our next steps for parole; an invaluable experience incomparable to the rest. I left the visit more armed to combat our enemies and their system to which we will not compromise. Sentenced 30-100 years for surviving a deadly assault from the Philadelphia Police, Janet, Janine, and Debbie still continue growing stronger. The battle continues and they will not be broken.

The Move 9 rest deep within the hearts of all at Denver ABC. Let's bring them home now. Take action and support parole for Janet Africa, Janine Africa, and Debbie Africa. Sign the petition to free the Move 9 and follow for updates and action alerts.

Stop at nothing to free them all.

Love & Solidarity,

Illy Voxi
Denver ABC

This Piece was written by brother illy in solidarity with the February 12th evening of solidarity with parole for move political prisoners in NYC