Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Flood The Phone Lines Pa Doc Secretary John Wetzel on 1/8/15

As of 9:10pm tonight we still do not have much word on the condition of our Brother William Phillips Africa. Phil's Wife Janine Africa was able to call Move Headquarters tonight and relayed the message that she did get to speak to a Major Gordon today from SCI Dallas and Major Gordon stated to Janine that tests are being run on Phil and that is the only information that he would relay to her and that Phil will be allowed to make a call after he leaves the hospital and is back at the prison. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and we are not accepting it one bit.

All of today Prison Officials at SCI Dallas have been lying to us in regards to our Brother Phil and his well being . This is a very dangerous situation and we are all still in the dark over Phil's Medical Condition we have not been allowed any information on our brother and he has not been allowed a call. Hospital and Prison Officials keep pushing this issue of Hippa and the law and that it's illegal to disclose this information . We just want to make one thing clear JUST BECAUSE IT'S LEGAL DONT MAKE IT RIGHT AS TAUGHT BY JOHN AFRCA THE FOUNDER OF THE MOVE ORGANIZATION .

If officials are so worried about the law then why was this not applied when Phil and the rest Of The Move 9 were on trial and the late Prosecutor Wlihelm Knaur changed the ballistic report on the stand to fit the prosecutor's story. Where was the interest of Law when police tore down the house immediately after Move People were arrested the house was the scene of the crime. Why wasn't the law upheld when the late judge Edwin S. Malmed admitted over public radio that he had the faintest idea who killed Officer James Ramp but was sentencing Move People to Prison because they were Move Members.

As was stated earlier we are being left in the dark on Phil's condition and we have to keep the pressure on prison officials. We are asking people on 1/8/15 to flood the phone and email lines of Pennsylvania Department Of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel at 

Phone (717) 728-2573 or email crpadoc

Call , Email and state that we want answers into the health and well being of William (Phillips) Africa Am 4984 and that his wife and family be given full information into his health, status , and well being and that he be allowed to call his Move Family.

Also people can continue to call Wilkes Barre General Hospital at (570) 829-8111 and demand to know The Health Status, and Well being of William (Phillips) Africa and that he be allowed to call his family let's keep the pressure on .

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