Saturday, October 31, 2015

The People Vs Governor Wolf This Monday 11/2/15

In the past couple of months Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Wolf has made many public statements criticizing The PA Parole Board and also calling for much needed reform in the parole process and how it is carried out by the board. This is very rare for a newly sworn Governor in any state to take this action in calling for reform measures in the parole board  however to some this might seem as a good but to us this raises suspicion. Is Governor Wolf just speaking liberal talk? Or is he ready to take true action by correcting the wrongs that keep men and women in prison  past their minimum sentences?

There has been many cases in which men and women throughout the state of Pennsylvania have been denied by the parole board 5, 6, 7 as many as 10 times still not able to come home to their families and communities. In 2008 Edward Goodman Africa and seven other men and women known collectively as the Move 9 became parole Eligible after serving 30 years of their minimum sentence of 30 to 100 years. Since 2008 to as recent as June 2015 all of The Move 9 have been denied parole under very clear bias at the hands of The same Parole Board in which you call for reform for now.

Our Brother Eddie's parole hearing was scheduled for October 2015 but for some reason was pushed to November 2015. We are very concerned as we have been for awhile now due to the fact that Eddie, like the rest of our family, has not had a one fair parole hearing since 2008 nor does the parole board intend to give Eddie and the rest of the Move 9 a fair parole hearing. Since Governor Wolf wants to make calls for reform in the Pennsylvania Parole system we are going to now force his words to turn into actions.

This Monday we are asking people interested in justice to contact Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Via  phone call (717) 787-2500 or Email: Governor and demand immediate parole for Edward Goodman Africa Am-4974. When emailing or calling Governor Wolf, these are key points that people can make:

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Eddie Africa Blitz This Friday 10/23/15

As of today October 22nd 2015 Our Brother Edward Africa still has not  had his scheduled October parole hearing . One thing that we know for sure is that The Pennsylvania Parole Board right now is under a tremendous amount of pressure over the issue of parole for Eddie and the rest of The move 9 and we are continuing to keep the pressure on these legalized misfits who under the orders of The Fraternal Order Of Police are keeping our family unjustly jailed seven years now past their minimum sentences .

This Friday October 23rd 2015 has been deemed Eddie Africa Blitz Day . We plan to tie up The Parole Board from every angle this Friday . What we are asking people to do is call The Pa Parole Board  or Email The Pa Parole Board and demand immediate parole for Eddie at his upcoming parole hearing . From our understanding The Parole Board has started emailing back people who emailed them and have told them it's better to call but when people call they are telling them to write a letter. We are not Playing this game .

People can call The Pa Parole board at (717) 772-4343 or email The Pa Parole Board at Ra -pbppopc@pa.govand demand parole for Edward Goodman Africa Am-4974.
These are key points that people can make when calling and writing via email 

(1) You are concerned over the clear conflict of interest over the fact that Board Chairman 
Michael L. Green was appointed to The Board ten years ago by Then Pa Governor Ed Rendell whose office prosecuted Edward And his co defendants in the late 70's Early 80's.
Mr Green has final judgement over this decision over parole in which he has shown clear bias for parole for The move 9 in the past as a regular hearing examiner .

(2) Pamela Gray another member of The Board has extreme ties to law enforcement in Pennsylvania which serves as a conflict of interest to have her sit over this hearing due to the fact that Edward and the rest of The Move 9 case revolves around the murder of a cop.

(3) Edward has a home and employment plan set up for him upon his release .

(4) Edward has completed all the required programs to make parole and also has an excellent prison conduct record in which he has kept down gang and racial violence inside of Pennsylvania prisons .

So let's turn it up This Friday and keep the pressure on .

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mumia Press Conference NYC This Tuesday 10/20/15



“In 1199 we believe that quality health care is a human right for every person in this country, and it should not be determined by your income, your zip code, or whether or not you are an imprisoned person,” said Estela Vasquez, executive vice president of  Local 1199 SEIU, United Healthcare Workers East, which is hosting the press conference. “We demand immediate treatment for Mumia Abu-Jamal. We cannot allow the authorities of the state of Pennsylvania to continue to deny him lifesaving medical treatment.”

Mumia Abu-Jamal, an internationally renowned political prisoner who Amnesty International and other human rights organizations say was unfairly convicted in the 1982 killing of a Philadelphia policeman, has been severely ill with symptoms of active hepatitis C for at least the last six months. If left untreated, hep C can lead to diabetes, heart disease, liver failure and even death. New direct-acting, anti-viral medications for hep C exist with a 95 percent cure rate. Endorsed by the American Liver Foundation, these treatment protocols were adopted by the Federal Bureau of Prisons in June, ensuring immediate treatment for all federal prisoners with active hep C symptoms.

Abu-Jamal is not alone. There are an estimated 10,000 PA Department of Corrections (DOC) inmates, many of whom are over 60 years old, who have the hep C virus. A 1997 study estimated that 29 to 43 percent of all people infected with hep C passed through a correctional facility. Called a “silent epidemic,” HCV has a disproportionate impact on impoverished communities and people of color. While African Americans comprise about 13 percent of the U.S. population, they represent 25 percent of all hep C cases. For African Americans ages 45 to 65 years old, hep-C-related chronic liver disease is the leading cause of death.

But the state of Pennsylvania has repeatedly denied lifesaving treatment for Abu-Jamal and the other prisoners. According to Dr. Joseph Harris, an expert in hep C who reviewed Abu-Jamals medical records and examined him, “Failure to treat Mr. Abu-Jamals hepatitis C will result in serious harm to his health, as his current extra-hepatic symptoms will not be cured, and he faces an increasingly serious risk of suffering from fibrosis and cirrhosis, liver cancer, complications of his diabetes, and eventual death.” Dr. Harris’s statement is part of a 10-page affidavit submitted to a federal Pennsylvania court in August demanding immediate treatment for Abu-Jamal. (A summary of it will be passed out at the press conference, and is available upon request.)

It took extensive international protests beginning in March, when activists held sit-ins at the PA DOC, press conferences in the rotunda of the Harrisburg capitol and at SCI Mahanoy prison, and a daily deluge of phone calls from all over the world to three governmental officials that Abu-Jamal was transferred to a hospital in mid-May for extensive testing, which showed he had liver damage. Only now are the PA DOC and the PA Dept. of Health hammering out a protocol.
“The evidence is overwhelming that the suffering being experienced by Mumia is the result of hepatitis C,” said Robert J. Boyle, one of his lawyers. “The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections can cure him and many others by administering treatment. Their refusal to do so is a violation of the Constitution and basic human rights.”

Speakers include:
~ Pam Africa, the fiery head of the International Concerned Family and Friends for Mumia Abu-Jamal since his arrest in 1981;
~ Estela Vasquez, an immigrant of Dominican descent and a leading activist in New York’s union movement;
~ Bob Boyle, who has a long history of defending political prisoners, with the notable success of winning, with co-counsel, the release of former Panther 21 member, Dhoruba Bin Wahad;
~ Baron Graham, a representative of the NYC Hep C Task Force;
and other community representatives.

 Sponsored by the International Concerned Family and Friends for Mumia Abu-Jamal and the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC),; International Action Center,


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Emails for Eddie Africa 10/12/15 thru 10/16/15

First we would like to take the time and thank all of the people who last week called the PA Parole Board and expressed their interest to the Parole Board in regards to Parole being granted for Eddie Africa. Even though last week was HUGE Success we still have much work to do going into Eddie's scheduled October hearing even though they have not given him an official date for his parole hearing. Now is the time to turn it up and keep the pressure on The Parole Board and hold them accountable.

We are continuing Eddie Africa Solidarity week. We are asking people that this week October 12th thru October 16th to email The Pa Parole Board at Ra-pbppoc@pa.govand express your strong interest to Chairman Michael L. Green in Eddie being paroled from prison. Here are key points people can include in their emails to the Parole Board:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alert Michael L. Green Is Now The Chairman Of The Parole Board

Earlier this afternoon a serious matter was brought to our attention that we would like to make the public aware of . Yesterday 10/5/15 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf appointed Michael L. Green  as the permanent Chairman of The Pennsylvania Parole Board . Most people might question us on why we are sharing this piece of information. The reason why is that Michael L. Green was appointed to The Parole Board A little over ten years ago by former Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell . Edward Rendell was The District Attorney of Philadelphia during the trial of The Move 9 and in fact his office prosecuted The Move 9.

This is a clear conflict of interest and the parole board is being blatant and out right public with keeping The Move 9 in prison further with The help now of Governor Tom Wolf . This further shows the length this system and it's officials will blatantly go to keep innocent people in prison the fact that a man who was appointed to the parole board by a man who had his hand in the persecution of Move Members since the 70's will have the final say so over their parole fate . This is the same man who Move Family Members confronted at a public meeting this past spring who ran from MOVE people when he was confronted on the issue of the unjust parole denials of The Move 9 .

For the past two days we managed to keep the phone lines of The Pa Parole Board flooded with calls and now we have to keep it up more than ever . Call The Pa Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 and demand parole for Edward (Goodman) Africa Am-4974 .The main issue we are asking people to push now is the issue of the clear conflict of interest over the fact that the newly appointed Chairman Of The Parole Board was appointed by The Former Governor Of Pennsylvania Edward G Rendell the same man who was The District Attorney Of Philadelphia during the trial of The Move 9 and whose office prosecuted The Move 9. By no means can this man provide a fair and bias parole decision for Eddie and the rest of our family the power is in our hands .

Also this is another reason why we are urging people sign The Justice Dept Petition for The Move 9 at

For More Info People can go to 

Move 9

Justice For The Move 9 /Facebook

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Eddie Africa Solidarity Week

Sometime this month our Brother Eddie Africa will be making yet another appearance before the Pa Parole Board . Although an official date has not been given to Eddie yet it can be any given day without any advance notice . Last year prison officials told Eddie the morning of his hearing that he was having his hearing as they did Delbert Africa this past year and informed Debbie Africa the night before her hearing that she was having a hearing leaving the three of them with no time to prepare for their hearings .

This is being done for two reasons 
(1) The Parole Board already has their decision made in regards to parole for Move Members prior to their hearing and are trying to look fair by appearing they are going through the proper steps in the eyes of the public.

(2) They do this rushed and quietly and try to work around the eyes of people watching these hearings who are protesting in the interest of The Move 9 being paroled from prison .

This week 10/5/15 Thru 10/9/15 has been deemed Eddie Africa solidarity week . We are asking people to do something simple but effective we are asking people to help us flood the phone lines of The Pa Parole Board And Demand Parole for Our Brother Eddie Africa.

These are key points people can make when they call
(1) Eddie has a home plan secured 
(2) Eddie has employment secured .
(3) Eddie has not had a disciplinary infraction in 16 years.

Also it appears to be a clear conflict of interest to have three of The Board Members overlooking Eddie's hearing Pamela Grey , Jeffrey Imboden, and Michael Green .

(1) Leslie Grey is a Former Police Officer with STRONG TIES to Law Enforcement throughout Pennsylvania 

(2) Michael Green and Jeffrey Imboden  were both appointed to The Parole Board by then Governor Edward G. Rendell . This is a clear conflict of interest due to the fact that Edward Rendell was The District Attorney of Philadelphia and it was the office of Ed Rendell that prosecuted Eddie Africa and eight other Move Members for the crime they are in prison wrongly for now .
(3) Advise The Parole Board that you are  watching their actions in regards to Eddie and you do not want a rushed and unfair hearing for Eddie .

People can call The Parole Board at (717 772-4343 and Demand Parole for Edward Goodman Africa Am-4974 . They will try to divert people by telling them to write a letter do not let them divert you . This phone line was created specifically for people to call in regards to support for parole as it states on their website . Also we are urging people to sign The New Petition we have aimed at The Justice Dept urging them to take action in The Case Of The Move 9 you can sign the petition at Please share this site with as many people as possible our goal is to reach 25,000 signatures .

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

For More info people can go to 

Justice for the move 9/Facebook