Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Michael Africa Sr Denied Parole For A 7th Time

Ona Move 

We just received word this morning that our brother Michael Davis Africa was denied parole for a record seventh time. What is more outrageous is the fact that Michael was given a five year hit by The Pa Parole Board. Since 2008 Move Members have been consistently denied parole for being nothing more than committed Move Members. At Different hearings over the years different members were given one year hits, two year hits,the longest hit being three years for Janet Africa until today when Michael Sr was given  a five year hit by The Pa Parole Board.

The Parole Board cited these reasons for Michael's denial

(1) Failure to show motivation for parole

(2)  Risk to the safety of the community .

(3) Negative recommendation made by the Prosecuting Attorney

(4)  Failure to show remorse 

(5) Failure to take responsibility for the crime committed .

The Parole has stated that Michael is a risk to the community at large yet the request of the community to have Michael paroled was ignored by The Parole Board.  Michael like other committed Move Members will not take responsibility for a crime he and other Move Members are innocent of. The District Attorney of Philadelphia Seth Williams again was only eleven years old when The Move 9 was arrested on August 8th 1978 and is doing this under the orders of The Fraternal Order Of Police.

Today's denial of Parole for Michael and the five year hit  is a result of the massive protest that you see going on this very day in regards to police brutality and the murder of our children. 36 years ago The Move Organization was speaking out and demonstrating against this same exact thing that is going on today and for this The Move 9 were unjustly jailed. The Parole Board is working in conjunction with The police and this System and it's officials to keep Michael and other committed Move Members in prison. The issue of police brutality and murder is over all of America 's door steps today.

This system and it's officials are working to keep innocent people in prison. People who have fought against this injustice are now being punished with five year parole denials because this system and it's officials are being exposed on a worldwide level and our freedom fighters in prison are being made to suffer out of retaliation for doing nothing more than speaking the truth for so many years. This isn't about Justice because if this system was about Justice then The guilty cops that killed Eric Garner would be in jail. The guilty cop that killed Akai Gurley would be in jail. The guilty cops that killed Move People on May 13th 1985 would be in jail not the people that demonstrated against this same thing 36 years ago. This Fight Is Far From Over There Will Be More Info To Soon Follow.

Ona Move 
Orie, Mona, Illy , Margie, Ann, And Patrice.

For More Info People Can Go To 

Move 9 Parole Blogspot .Com

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Anonymous said...

That's why they have yet to make a documentary movie on the move. . Because everybody knows that they were a menace to society that did not want to go by the law... they were ignorant to life and didn't care if they were a menace to others. . They only thought about there ignorance. . They are not political prisoners. .they have their beliefs but doesn't have nothing to do with their imprisonment. .. and to say that one female move member died from unusual circumstances is a lie. A year before she passed away she was taking medication do to her illness and they all knew this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous',

I am disturbed by your ignorance of the issues and the fact that you decided to respond anyway. Would you admit to a murder you didn't commit? How would you feel if you had an unfair trial were unjustly convicted and you sat in a cell for 36 years? There have been multiple documentaries on MOVE and its members. There is a beautiful new tool called Google. Utilize the research tools at hand before you write.