Saturday, June 28, 2014

Move 9 Monday's Hold Seth Williams Accountable .

Ona Move 

It has been close to one year now and The Justice and Accountability Campaign is still in full swing. The PA Parole Board has been fully exposed on the issue of them keeping innocent Move people in prison six years past their minimum sentence. The Fraternal Order of Police and other police unions have now gone quiet over the issue of parole for The Move 9 with their public smear campaign.

There is still one culprit that has to be held accountable in his role in helping to keep to keep Move people in prison, and that is Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.

As we stated in an earlier statement Seth Williams from 2010 - to the present day has consistently given negative parole recommendations against parole for The Move 9. The question you may ask is what is this based on?
This Government is using Seth Williams as their self-appointed hit man as it did Wilson Goode in 1985. In 1985, this government dropped a bomb on the Move Organization killing six adults and five children. Wilson Goode, the city's first Black Mayor, was placed in this position by this Government to drop a bomb on the house of the Move Organization and murder six adults and five children so that race would not be an issue.

Now, in 2014, this government's new appointed hit man for hire, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, is being used to help keep Move People in prison so race won't be seen as an issue cause he is black. Whats worse is that this sellout is happy with the job that this Government has given him. We are not fooled by this ploy and the public should not be fooled by this not one bit. 

Enough is Enough starting this Monday 6/30, and every Monday this summer until Monday 8/25, we are asking people to call The Office Of The Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams at his office and hold him accountable for his role in keeping innocent Move People in prison. Call his office at (215) 686-8000 extension 3, and demand the release of Move Political Prisoners. Let your voices be heard now is the time.

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Philadelphia DA is Holding the Move 9 Hostage

For close to one year now we have been focused on exposing the Pennsylvania Parole Board's illegal and unjust parole denials of The Move 9. We have exposed the police and their role in the influence of the parole denials and have also exposed the role of both Randy Feathers and Lloyd White two former police officers who now sit on the Pennsylvania Parole Board and over the parole hearings of The Move 9.

The one aspect that has yet to be exposed until now is that is the role of the Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams. Since taking office in 2010 Seth Williams for a period of four years 2010-2014 has given negative parole recommendations to the PA Parole Board regarding parole for The Move 9. Seth Williams in fact stated that this would be a blatant disregard for the law if the Move 9 were to be paroled.