Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Take A Stand for Mumia and PA Prisoners - Call-in Today


The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home is seeking your support to caravan to Harrisburg, PA on Wednesday, October 15 to fight the newest legislation created to silence the voice of PA prisoners.

Tomorrow, the PA Senate will vote on House bill HB2533 and Senate bill SB508. In the spirit of the "Mumia Exception," this legislation was fast-tracked in direct response to the positive support Mumia received for his Goddard College commencement speech. This bill will make it illegal for prisoners to speak publicly AND sue those prisoners who do and the parties who assist them. 

This legislation was created to silence the voice of political prisoners like Mumia Abu Jamal, Lorenzo "Cat" Johnson and Russell Shoatz whose voices can be heard around the world, in spite of their physical captivity. Consider how much their voices have contributed to our intellectual heritage and collective growth. Consider all that we have learned about prison conditions and prisoner rights violations from the voices of the imprisoned. This bill will not only silence prisoner's voices; it will silence the voice of all those who want to hear them. Legislation like this reminds us that all bodies behind bars are political prisoners. 

The precedence of this repression legislation has far reaching implications for prisoners rights, freedom of speech, and our collective ability to take on the state. We need supporters go to Harrisburg to show physical support and accompany members of the MOVE family as they meet with legislators. If you can attend and or volunteer as a driver, please respond to this email or call 267-259-1740. With enough support, we will rent vans from Philadelphia and NY. Tentative Philadelphia departure is 7:30am.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Eddie Africa Solidarity Week.

Ona Move

The PA Parole Board  feels that they are in a position to do wrong and get away with it in regards to the illegal and unjust parole denials of The Move 9. They are crazy if they think they can do this and their will not be a public outcry is just crazy . For The past year now we have tied up the phone lines of The Parole Board every Monday, we have sent them hundreds of letters and postcards demanding
The release of The Move 9, We have exposed their illegal actions and their connection to the police in the media. This has gone on  for a year now and WE ARE MAKING IT CLEAR THAT WE AINT STOPPING ! We are continuing our campaign against The PA Parole Board  in exposing Their Crooked Corrupt Asses and we are even more determined to win parole for our MOVE Brothers and Sisters that they are holding hostage under the orders of The Fraternal Order Of  Police .

This Monday October 6th officially kicks off Eddie Africa Solidarity Week. We are asking people all over the world  to call The Pa a Parole Board Monday October 6th thru Friday October 10th  and demand parole for Edward (Goodman) Africa Am -4974 . You can reach The Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 . This is a critical time right now and we have to continue to keep the pressure on these misfits so call and let them know you are watching them and this hearing and demand immediate parole for Edward (Goodman) Africa Am-4974 . The Pa Parole Board can be reached at again (717) 772-4344