Monday, July 28, 2014

Conspiratorial Posture by the District Attorney's Office Aimed at Move by Janet Africa


The MOVE ORGANIZATION surfaced in the early 1970's; we initiated hundreds of peaceful demonstrations against institutions that exploit, abuse, and murder children, the elderly, animals, and the environment. We brought out in the open the abusive state owned and privately run homes for orphaned/problem children, and the infirm elderly; we protested animal experimental laboratories, big industrial corporations that poison the air, water, and soil daily. We went into each situation equipped with our belief, THE TEACHING OF JOHN AFRICA, to right the wrong that was being done, which no one could refute.

The people running these institutions would call the cops on us and they would automatically take sides with these institutions and physically assault MOVE People. They would lock us up, beat us up and put all kinds of trumped up charges on us to keep us in jail. This is how MOVE first got involved with the police and court system. MOVE spoke out against the abuse, successfully bringing attention on police brutality in Philadelphia. The police began a concerted campaign of harassment and abuse against MOVE. This is when the conspiracy against MOVE started. Between 1973-1977, MOVE people were arrested and beaten hundreds of times, MOVE women were beaten into miscarriages, five of our babies were murdered .