Sunday, October 30, 2016

To My Sister's

On The Move

Hi Janet, Neen, Debbie, and Merle How's my sister's doing , strong right , I'm still sitting here looking at a picture of y'all from muncy with Swella , Ria, Bert , and Mona in it Damm my sisters are beautiful , inside and out . I got to thinking of some of the fun we had playing jokes on each other and the car wash we had , I love y'all and miss y'all a whole lot , but I know the bond of love and family still keeps us connected ! LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA ain't this something , we been so called separated , for 38 years but we are closer now than when these system people put us in these jails ,we still United, still giving and sharing love and family , we've grown strong together, helping each other to keep their eyes and minds on what's important , life , health , revolution that creates, togetherness , builds harmony , bonds us all together , in MOVE , and those not in MOVE as we are all connected thru the bond of life created by MOMMA , GOD THE CREATOR! LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA . I want y'all to never forget , you are loved , you are missed and will always have family to turn to hear me , I love you Debbie , I love you Merle , I love you Janet, I love you Neen , I love my family and always will , take care of each other hear , hold on to each other , care for each other , this is what family is all about ! On The Move Y'all , We will see each other !

On The Move


Eddie Africa

Friday, October 21, 2016

New Article By The Move 9

The Move 9 Have been eligible for Parole since August 2008, After being in prison for 30 years . We have repeatedly been denied  . In June  of this year (2016) , we were denied parole again , for a total of ten years past the time we should have been released . One of the reasons the parole board gave to justify not releasing us is that we are a threat to the safety of the community . This is not true . People are not afraid of Move People . Move People ain't strangling people to death , shooting people in the back . It ain't MOVE that killed a man in front of his fiancĂ© and four year old child . MOVE is not drive by shooting , or terrorizing folks in the community. It's the community who is faxing , emailing , and calling the parole board asking for our release on parole .

It is The Parole Board And D.A. John Straub who continue to deny our release for no valid reason . On August 8th 1978, hundreds of cops attacked our home at 3:00am in the morning trying to kill us , They couldn't kill us that day , so they are trying to finish the job in these prisons but understand -John Straub and The Parole Board are not justified . MOVE did not go out to The Police's house to do them harm . The Cops came to our house , because a judge sent them to our house to serve bench warrants for not appearing in court not for rape , murder, kidnapping,or abuse but for not appearing in court for a civil matter.Understand this , hundreds of cops were sent to our home , while we were asleep , dressed in swat gear , armed with all type of weaponry , semi -automatic weapons, fire fighters , , smoke bombs , tear gas , a deluge gun, a crane and a bulldozer to serve bench warrants , for a housing code violation .

It was The Police who came to MOVE'S premise . They came armed to the teeth and in their frenzy to kill MOVE , they killed one of their own, and condemned us for it . We are not making this up . The evidence is clear . The whole world witnessed the attack on the MOVE house May 13th 1985 , where the house was bombed into a blazing inferno, the 6 adults were shot and killed  and the 5 children were shot back into the house by police as they tried to escape the burning flames where they died . These are proven Facts . During the cities investigation hearing , It was ruled that the cops used excessive force and the killings were wrongful deaths . Those children were our children in that house that day , yet not one cop or official connected to the bombing of our family were held accountable , responsible for these deaths like the parole board is telling The Move 9 we have to take responsibility for a crime when The District Attorney never proved MOVE had killed a police officer .

We have no weapons charges and the judge admitted on public radio to the caller,Mumia Abu Jamal ,that he didn't have the faintest idea who shot the police officer . It's a fact that world renowned forensic experts Dr Ali Hameli and Claus Speth ruled the deathsof the children HOMICIDES in a scathing report against the city , submitted to the assistant District Attorney Joan  Weimer and the grand jury did nothing . The Move 9 have spent almost 40 years in prison for killing a cop , with no real proof . The whole world saw the Philadelphia police murder our children , and family , and they have not spent a day in prison for it but what is the difference in these lives ? Does a MOVE child not bleed , when they are shot ? Does a MOVE parent not feel pain when their baby is killed , just because they are not cops or officials . Does the murder of a MOVE child , pain of MOVE parent , heartache of a black person's suffering still fall on death ears like the slaves who cried out when their babies , women,and men were sold , killed, whipped by slave owners . Ask yourself . Things May seem to have changed since those awful days , but the mentality is still very much existing . Just look around , and listen . Black lives (Don't ) Matter . That's why these cops are getting away with killing Black Men ,Women, and Children. That's why The Move 9 are still in prison almost 40 years for killing a cop , and the cops responsible for killing 11 MOVE people , 5 of them children , are walking around like they are clean and without guilt . It's the mentality that makes them feel nothing after killing people . Because to them MOVE lives (Don't ) matter . It's time for everybody to start speaking freely in protest of all this free wheeling injustice . People must understand this necessity of speaking out now . 

We are asking for people to sign The Petition we have aimed at United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch demanding that The United States Justice Dept open up an investigation into the ongoing and wrongful imprisonment of The Move 9 .People can sign the petition at Https:// Speak out with the understanding that when speaking of MOVE , you are speaking up for yourself . It can't get better for MOVE without getting better for you 

Looking Forward To The May 2017 MOVE Conference In Philadelphia 

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