Friday, July 29, 2016

Twitter Storm On August 8th 2016 Demand The Justice Dept Take Action

Ona Move

August 8th  2016  will officially mark 38 years since innocent MOVE Members have been unjustly jailed in Pennsylvania state prisons . The Position Of THE  MOVE ORGANIZATION and SUPPORTERS of MOVE has not changed and that position is our family is innocent and we want them home and will not stop fighting until they are home . In 1998 Our  Sister  Merle Africa died in prison under mysterious circumstances . In 2015 Our Brother Phil Africa  died in prison under mysterious circumstances . From the period of 2008 to as recent as June of 2016 all of our people have been denied parole on what seems to be a questionable bias issue .

In May of 2015 Supporters Of The Move 9 put together a petition aimed at United States Attorney General  Loretta Lynch demanding an investigation into the wrongful ongoing imprisonment of The Move 9 .  There are many key figures that can cite an investigation into this case by The US Justice Dept

(1) The Destruction Of The Move House by Police On August 8th 1978 .
The House was the scene of The Crime

(2) The Beating Of Delbert Africa By Philadelphia Police on August 8th 1978
Delbert was visibly unarmed when he was beaten by police therefore his civil rights
Were violated .

(3) No Move Members were charged with weapons charges after their arrest

(4) After Sentencing Move Members To 30-100 years in prison the trial judge the late Edwin S.Malmed admitted on public radio that he had the faintest idea who killed officer James Ramp .

He in fact stated that he was sentencing Move Members to prison time for no other reason than being committed MOVE Members .

We are calling on everyone who is on twitter to participate in our twitter storm on August 8th 2016 as we garner more signatures for The Justice Dept Petition . Here is the link for The Petition for people to sign on . This link can also be shared as well so let's make this the last anniversary of The imprisonment Of The Move 9 . On August 8th 2016 follow the hashtag Free The  Move 9 .

Ona Move