Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sign the petition urging the Attorney General to free the Move 9

In recent years, numerous instances of racial profiling, civil rights violations and use of excessive police force have been investigated. The case of the Move 9 is widely acknowledged as a racially charged incident. Despite substantial evidence of their innocence and the lengthy time served, they remain incarcerated. For this reason, many are calling on the U.S. Attorney General to open a rigorous investigation into this case, and advocating for their release on parole.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

A Special Thank You / End Of The Year Wrap Up

Ona Move

As 2016 Comes to a close i wanted to take the time  to acknowledge and thank all of our friends, family, and supporters who contributed to The Justice And Accountability Campaign in 2016.   First I have to start by thanking four very important people who have been with this campaign since the very beginning Ramona, Illy , Odette , And Ann this campaign would not have reached the heights it has without the insight and help of the four of you your time, help, and insight is and always be greatly appreciated .  We started 2016 with a bang as we pushed the parole hearings for Eddie Africa and The Move 9 Sisters we opened with Move 9 media month in janurary and would like to thank all of our friends that hosted us on their shows such friends as our people on George Jackson Radio , Pops Movement Radio, G Town Radio, Sister Verbana ,Sister Maletia Ward  Sister Phile Chinsolue , Sister Sally O' Brian , Brother Bursts  Scotty Reid And Black Talk Radio , Wanda Sabir , And so Many others for giving us time on your radio shows and aiding in the fight to help free The Move 9 .

On Feburary 12th 2016 we hosted an Historic event in New York entitled an Evening Of Solidarity For Parole for MOVE Political Prisoners and ohhh boy was this a big event as the entire tri state area as it seems came out to support parole for our family .  Such Great Activists like Lynn Stewart , Zayid Muhammed , Jasiri x , Laura WhiteHorn , James McIntosh  , Iman Talib Abdur Rashid, Elsie Law, and so many others made the demand parole for The Move 9. We would like to thank everyone who participated and signed the endorser letter endorsing parole for our sisters .  I would like to thank Brother Zayid Muhammed who wrote a letter of parole support for our sisters on behalf of the Malcolm x Commeration Commitee . I would like to thank The People's Organization For  Progress In Newark New Jersey For their letter of support .  I would like to take the time to thank all of our friends from The Anarchist Black Cross Federation Chapters both nationally and internationally you brothers and sisters are the best in comrades and I really mean that .

I could never forget our good friends from the Jericho Movement both national and local for always keeping our families case out there and helping out in which ever way you can not just for our family but for all political prisoners . We can't forget our good friends from both the campaign to bring Mumia hone and the NYC coalition to free Mumia Abu Jamal thank you guys for everything we do we love y'all . I am sending a special thank you to our good friends from workers world party/International Action Center  for always printing our information in your papers and always opening your doors to us and just being there when needed.  We cannot forget all of our friends who have always been there to help in whatever way. Freda Willis , Alina Dollat , Clarissa Rogers , Patrice Armstead , Gabe , Shaseena, Sheena , Cindy Lou , Erica, Rufus , Mattie , Scott Ted , The Philly Crew . A special thank you to Joe and Betsy Piette and The Philly Coalition For Real Justice .

I wanted to take the time to shout out Students For Justice In Palestine for The contributions you have made in both philly and NYC and nationally in the efforts to help free The Move 9 . You brothers and sisters are the future . Shout out to sister Sophia Dawson and the beautiful artwork you have done for both The Move 9 and all Political Prisoners . Shoutout to Suzanne Ross , Paulette Dauteil , Daniel McGowan , Johanna Fernandez , Gwen Debrow Keith Robinson and Mumia Abu Jamal Thank You to all the people who wrote letters and made phone calls to both the parole board and governor's office your contributions are greatly appreciated and The Move 9 appreciates it . Shout out to Kamua Bectemba and Sandy Jones . Shout out to the Shoats family and shandre Delaney we can't forget noelle from prison radio neither .

Even  after a successful  worldwide campaign advocating parole for Eddie  and our sisters they were all still denied parole each given a two year hit . This by no means is a lost this has just even pushed the cause of our fight against the parole board even further and has even gained more support for our family .  We appreciate all the hard work of our brother Johnnie Stevens and all the contributions he has always made to help us and we wanted to give him a special thank you along with brother Donnie and Sister Tsihow who helped with the live stream for Feburary 12th . We can never forget our international Crew in France And Abroad . We Say Thank you to Sister Espy  Brother Benjamin . I'm sending a special thank you to our wonderful web administrator as well .  This Fight is Far From Over as Delbert , Eddie, Janet , Janine, and Debbie will all be going back before the parole board in 2018 . We are still awaiting word on the August 2016 parole appeal hearing for Mike Africa still no word yet on the status . This Parole issue has just not affected our family but is affecting Jalil , Seth , Herman, Sundiata and so many others  the time to take a stand is now . We are still urging people to sign the petition aimed at United States attorney General Loretta Lynch Demanding The Us Justice Department to investigate the wrongful and ongoing imprisonment Of The Move  9 . People can sign the petition at

So Closing this out I couldn't mention everyone but your efforts and contributions in this fight is greatly appreciated for 2017 this fight will intensify even more much love and revolutionary solidarity to everyone