Friday, July 19, 2013

One Force: MOVE Supporters display Phil Africa's Art Work


The A-Space has generously donated their walls for an August Art Display. We're taking a twist on showcasing Phil's art-- we also want to showcase who has been impacted by Phil (& by extension, the MOVE 9 & MOVE as a whole). 

If you've received one of Phil's paintings please take a digital photo or scan the piece. Email us the art so we can blow it up & print it for the exhibit. We want a resolution that will maintain clarity when the image is enlarged.

Please include responses to the following:
1) State your name & current city & country of residence
2) Write two to three sentences about your own activism. It can be advocacy for the MOVE 9 as well as any additional work you engage in.
3) Share how you received Phil's art
4) Share any teaching opportunities you've had about the MOVE 9 because of this work

We'll compile the responses & share them alongside the art. This way we can shed light on the network-- the FAMILY-- we've created & know our collective work a bit better. This exhibit will be in coordination with an August 8th action for the release of the MOVE 9!

Please email all information to

Opening Reception: Monday August 5, 5-6:15 pm. Stop by after work for snacks and to view the installation.

Closing Reception: Friday August 30, 5-7 pm.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Ona MOVE for the MOVE 9 & ALL Political Prisoners!

August 8th, will mark the 35th year of incarceration for Political Prisoners the MOVE 9! Join the MOVE Organization as we bring attention to, and call for the freedom of the MOVE 9 and other Political Prisoners who are currently serving unjust sentences in prison. 

The program is being held on August 7th and will be hosted by Activist and Attorney Michael Coard and includes:
Pam Africa (speaking on the fight for Mumia Abu Jamal); 

Ramona Africa (speaking on the fight for The MOVE 9);

Prof. Tony Montero (speaking on the Rizzo years leading up to the Aug. 8th 1978 police attack on MOVE);

Theresa Shoatz (speaking on the fight for her father Russell Maroon Shoatz);

Ralph Poynter (speaking on the fight for his wife, Lynne Stewart);

Dequi Kioni-Sadiki (speaking on the fight for her husband Sekou Odinga)

The NYC Jericho Movement for political prisoners

Event starts at 6pm and will be held at the Rotunda (40th and Walnut).