Sunday, January 3, 2010

MOVE 9 Tee shirt DESIGN Contest

Last April 24 we made teeshirts publicizing Mumia's most recent book, Jailhouse Lawyer's. The idea was to sell those shirts and use the profit as seed money to then make shirts for the MOVE 9. We would continue using the seed money to make more shirts and donating anything earned after towards organizing for Mumia and the MOVE 9. Tee shirts are important-- they're visible, a conversation starter. Lauryn Hill wore a “Welcome to Philly” tee shirt that generated a lot of interest in the MOVE 9. People have talked about coming across “Free Mumia” tee shirts in Kuwait, Chiapas, and beyond. They become a living, walking, artistic form of resistance and history. In a movement with limited resources, but boundless energy, we want to make use of everything at our disposal.

So far we've sold $300 worth of teeshirts. We need to sell another $300 to afford a printing of the MOVE 9 shirts. Also, we need a design. So, here's the thing: We have beautiful, amazing, TALENTED artists in the movement the world over. We need you to design something that somehow communicates the battle for parole for the MOVE 9. It doesn't have to be wordy-- it's often better if the viewer is left curious but with resources at their disposal, like listing the website

As we receive submissions we'll post them on the website of Phil Africa's art work, managed by the dedicated Dave Johnson, at Folks can look at the site and comment on what designs they'd like to see printed as a teeshirt. Also, if submitters are comfortable with this, the art could be used for future poster and flyer designs.

We have a global network. This is a great way to get involved if you're not geographically close to Philly and want to help the movement. It is so meaningful to get submissions from the Czech Republic, Mongolia, Morocco, Brazil and beyond. This is another way for us to build solidarity and connection.

If you aren't an artist but can donate monetarily, please do! It will help us get the shirts printed faster, and hopefully (fingers crossed!) by the 25th anniversary of the MOVE bombing: May 13th, 2010. If you want to purchase a Jailhouse Lawyer's teeshirt please email

All art submissions should be emailed to by April 24, 2010. Thanks for your commitment and work.

Summary of 1st Meeting for May 13, 2010

ONA MOVE, Everybody! We've had our first organizing meeting to plan for May 13th 2010 which marks 25 years since the bombing of MOVE. We have a good strong foundation to build on and I will summarize the results of the meeting and ask for your input. I also hope that it will serve as a foundation for those of you who can't make it to Philly to do something in your community. This is what we came up with:

Urge journalists (radio, television & print) to seek interviews with the parole board and question them about denying a person parole because the person won't say that they're guilty. If the parole board starts getting questioned by the media about this issue they'll feel some heat.

Have an attorney draw up official murder complaints against officials involved in murdering our MOVE family and deliver the complaints to the first Black District Attorney of Philadelphia on May 13th to put him on the spot to do something about the blatant murder of MOVE people. Also, have a press conference when the murder complaints are delivered and point out how MOVE people have been in prison for over 31 years for a murder they didn't commit while nobody is in prison for murdering 11 MOVE people that everybody knows officials are guilty of.

On the evening of May 13th, have a screening of The MOVE Documentary at The African-American Museum here in Philadelphia and have the filmmakers, journalist Linn Washington and a few other speakers with relevant information about May 13th and August 8th. Also work on a poetry slam in April and then bring the poets to the museum for May 13th to draw young people.

Do wanted posters for key people involved in murdering our family and post them all over the city to lead up to the filing of murder charges.

People were also urged to write letters to the editors of local newspapers and call in to as many radio talk shows as possible about the bombing and the ongoing imprisonment of The MOVE 9. This is something people can do all year long.

Our brother, Mike Africa, Jr., is writing a play called "Animals Are People Too" for the little kids and hopes to have it ready to be performed by little MOVE kids at The African-American Museum on May 13th. This play is based on the teaching of JOHN AFRICA and is designed to encourage the principle of the equality and love of all living beings rather than prejudice and sadism.

This is a summary of the first meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for January 17th at 4:00pm. I will let people know exactly where it will be held ASAP. Feel free to express any ideas you may have and be sure to inform me if you plan to do something in your area. Have a happy, healthy, victory-filled new year!

Ona Move---Ramona