Friday, February 28, 2014

Black History Two (re Move) by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Black History 2
[col. writ. 2/14/14] © ’14 Mumia Abu-Jamal

In our last article, I noted the dearth of knowledge about Black History, especially by the young.

For those who've lived through certain periods of Black life, they know what they know, even if only filtered through the lens of a media that is the handmaiden of white power.

A generation of so later, and these events fall down the rabbit hole of forgetfulness, and are soon gone.

It’s not taught in school, so new generations grow into adulthood virtually ignorant of that past of conflict and struggle.

The original MOVE confrontation, which flared during 1977 and 1978 in Philadelphia, involving weapons fire, water cannons, wrecking cranes and vicious beatings, also resulted in the imprisonment of 9 men and women from MOVE, called the MOVE 9.

That was 36 years ago.

Jimmy Carter was president. Muhammad Ali had both lost (to Leon Spinks) and regained his heavyweight championship belt.

And the MOVE 9 were sentenced to 30-to-100 years for 3rd degree murder –exceeding every other such sentence in modern Pennsylvania history.

Most who have examined this case noted that although none of the women had weapons charges, all of them received the same sentence as the men.

But guess what? All of the men didn’t receive weapons charges!

Like Eddie Africa.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Move 9 Chronicles

Ona Move Everybody!

We are planning to take this parole campaign for The Move 9 to the next level. On March 1st 2014, The Move 9 Chronicles will be making its debut on this blog. We are dedicating the month of march  to really personalize the Move 9 and introduce them to people all over the world. Everyday there will be a different post from some one who has visited the Move 9. There will be stories of people whose lives have been influenced by The Move 9. This system and it's officials can make up what ever lie they may want to about the Move 9, but the bottom line is it's not going to stick.

People from all over the world are starting to support The Move 9 and it's only gonna magnify.

So please check out this blog for all 31 days of March to help free The Move 9!