Thursday, July 23, 2015

Demand the Justice Dept Do the Right Thing - Be in Philly August 1st

This August 8th will mark 37 years now that our innocent family members have been unjustly imprisoned by Philadelphia and Pennsylvania officials for a crime that not only these officials but the world knows they did not commit. In 1998 and 2015, two of our family members Merle Africa and Phil Africa both died under very mysterious circumstances in Pennsylvania prisons after being unjustly jailed for so long.  Merle spent 20 years of her life unjustly jailed and left to die in prison. Phil spent 36 years unjustly jailed and left to die by Pennsylvania officials in prison. Enough Is Enough.

For 37 years now, the Philadelphia District Attorney past Linn Abraham and Present Seth Williams have worked in conjunction with the Fraternal Order of Police, and now the Pennsylvania Parole Board, to ensure that our family remain in prison for the rest of their lives. Innocent people remain in prison who, in the words of the Pennsylvania Parole Board, are a risk to the safety of the community. Yet, the biggest threat to the safety of our community, the Police, are walking the streets murdering our children with immunity. You can look no further than the example of Sandra Bland in the south.

The Move Family and our Supporters are calling for people to be in Philadelphia Saturday August 1st for Our Community Town Hall Meeting To Demand The Justice Dept take action and investigate the Case And Wrongful Imprisonment of the Move 9. There will be several topics discussed at the town hall meeting topics such as:

The Destruction of the House 

The Beating of Delbert Africa 

The Trial of the Move 9 

The Illegal Practices of the PA Parole Board

All of this and more discussing why The Justice Dept Needs to Take Action

We will also be joined by Temple Journalism Professor Linn Washington and Activist Attorney Michael Coard. Join us Saturday August 1st From 12:00pm To 4:00pm at The African American Museum located on 701 Arch Street Downtown Philadelphia. 

For More info People can go to:

Justice for the move 9/Facebook 

Move 9