Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Ona Move 

There is a very serious situation going on right now with our Brother William (Phillips) Africa  and your help is urgently needed. For the past two weeks our Brother has not been feeling good suffering from what appears to be a stomach virus which turned to both vomiting and diarrhea . This past Sunday 1/4 Move Members went to SCI Dallas to visit Delbert and Phil Africa upon arrival our Brothers Raymond and Will Africa were allowed in to visit Delbert however our Brothers Carlos and Michael were not allowed to visit Phil based on the fact as prison officials stated that Phil was in the infirmary.

Later Sunday evening after the visit Delbert had called home to inform people that Phil had been taken to an outside hospital which we found out is Wilkes Barre General Hospital. For The Past two days The Move Family and supporters have been flooding The phone lines of SCI Dallas and Wilkes Barre General Hospital to receive information pertaining to our Brother Phil .The Superintendent Of SCI Dallas and other officials their are saying that they  along with the Hospital cannot give any information regarding Phil unless it is to a family member . We have been Phil 's family for 42 years now What is the problem?

Prison Officials were given the information for Phil's wife Janine (Phillips) Africa who is at SCI Cambridge Springs Pa. We are still waiting to hear from Janine Africa to see if Prison Officials have contacted but as of yesterday no one contacted her. Even though she is his wife of over 40 years prison officials have the nerve to say that she is not a blood relative.This is a very dangerous situation at hand it was believed that sometime during the visit on Sunday that prison officials shipped out Phil to the outside hospital and we have not heard from or Delbert who is cell mates with Phil has seen him.

Our Brother is being held incommunicado right now he has no access to contact his family and we have no way to contact him. Things are in complete limbo and we don't know what's going on with our brother. The issue of medical neglect and medical torture is an issue that's running rampant in The United States prison System especially as it pertains to our political prisoners . Your help is desperately needed right now. We need people to flood the phone lines of SCI Dallas This Wednesday  1/7 at phone number (570) 675-1101 and ask for Superintendent Lawrence Mahally  if he is not available then ask for his assistant Robin Locke and demand Answers into the safe and well being of Our Brother William (Phillips) Am 4984 . Let Them know the eyes of the world is watching and we want immediate answers into the health and status of Phil Africa 

Ona Move 
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