Thursday, May 12, 2016

Update On The May 12th 2016 Parole Hearings For The Move 9 Sisters

Ona Move
This was a short note that Debbie sent me today via email we will keep people updated in the next couple of days for our next course of action
Ona Move
Went to parole hearing, all 3 of us. It went good, as far as we're concerned. between the three of us, we got to talk, put out a lot of MOVE Belief from what started May 20th that lead to Aug. 8. To what our belief is about, to how MOVE DONT, DONT HATE COPS. In fact a lot of cops were very supportive of MOVE during the May 20 confrontation, would listen to Move people talk about our plight, for hours and understood Move... The interviewees were Ms. Lebenne in person, and Mr. McCray, on the TV screen,who were very unantagonistic. That aint no word, I don't think but, you get my meaning. They were not antagonistic at all, which made it easier to deal with all the way around, especially with tomorrow being May13. We all felt satisfied that we did good. LLJA
Ona Move Debbie Africa

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