Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Specia Thank You From The Move 9 Sisters

As we await word on the status of the recent parole hearings for our sisters we just wanted to send everyone a thank you letter that our sisters wrote for everyone  we will keep everyone posted on our next plan of action  - Orie

We want to let all of our supporters know that we appreciate the work y'all are doing is being felt , having an impact  and putting pressure on this system to do right by MOVE. During our recent parole hearing , the board members commented on the letters , the calls, and emails they got from here and around the world in support of MOVE. Your calls and emails to the parole board and governors office on the day of our hearing shut their communications system down LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA !  It's motivating and encouraging having y'all in our corner . We will stay strong despite the parole board , despite this system . They will never stop THE MOVE ORGANIZATION .

On The Move 

Debbie, Janet , And Janine  Africa


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