Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Move 9 Sisters Will See The Parole Board This Thursday May 12th 2016

We Just Received word tonight that Janet , Janine , and Debbie Africa will be seen by The Pennsylvania Parole Board this Thursday May 12th 2016 . As usual The Pa Parole are trying to give yet another quick and short notice for these parole hearings as they have done in the past with Debbie , Delbert and Eddie Africa . This is done as a result of the pressure they are under over this issue and THEY KNOW THE EYES OF PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE WATCHING . We already know they have been given their orders by The Fraternal Order Of Police but we as the people have our own job to do and that's to BRING OUR FREEDOM FIGHTERS HOME TO THERE FAMILIES .
Also we want to point out yet another example of The Mental Games of the parole board as they have decided to give ours sisters their long awaited hearing the day before The 31st Anniversary Of The May 13th 1985 BOMBING AND MURDER OF ELEVEN MOVE MEMBERS SIX ADULTS AND FIVE CHILDREN . Two of The Children in that house on May 13th 1985 were The Children of Janet and Janine Africa . The Pennsylvania Parole Board has shown another level of callousness and how low they truly are . This is just another tactic by this system to try and hurt our Family but thanks to THE TEACHINGS OF THE FOUNDER AND COORDINATOR OF THE MOVE ORGANIZATION JOHN AFRICA OUR SISTERS JUST LIKE OTHER MOVE PEOPLE ARE STRONG AND WILL NOT BE SWAYED BY THIS TACTIC LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA FOREVER !!!!!.
We are asking people to stand in solidarity with our sisters this Thursday May 12th 2016 .
From 9:00am to 1:00pm
Call Or Email The Pa Parole Board At
(717) 772-4343 or Email
Then From 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Call , Fax ,Tweet, and Email Pa Governor Tom Wolf
(P) (717) 772-2509
(F) (717) 772-8284
Twitter @Governor Tom Wolf
The Demand is parole For the Move 9 sisters
Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307
Janet (Holloway) Africa 006308
Janine (Phillips) Africa 006309
If People are on Facebook we are asking people to change their profile pic of this picture with the women to show solidarity with their hearing this Thursday . The Pba and The Fop have lobbied for years against parole for political prisoners now this Thursday May 12th will be the peoples turn to lobby in support of parole for our political Prisoners . We have also received word that our Brother Michael Africa had appealed his 2014 parole denial in which he was given a five year hit . Michael has won his appeal and will appear before the parole board in August 2016 instead of December 2019 . So we still have some serious work to do to bring our family home immediately .
Ona Move
The Justice And Accountability Campaign


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