Sunday, March 2, 2014

Move Supporters on the Move 9

It has been said in the past many times that people who support MOVE and Mumia are misled or naïve. I have been accused of possessing a laundry list of flaws from anti-American to psychologically feeble to sociopathic. People who spend their time looking at MOVE supporters and judging them will never accept that there is anything wrong with the way they look at MOVE or anyone who is not engaged in their way of life and thinking.
What makes a person who and what they are? When do you become responsible?
So many experiences brought me to the point where I could wrap my head around what John Africa teaches that there is no brief explanation. I just want people to know that I take full responsibility. With full possession of my faculties I have made my choice to believe in MOVE law and MOVE’s version and Mumia’s version of events. I have done my research and now I have no agenda other than to support their freedom.
During the Olympics the news was happy to place the focus on Russia’s human rights abuses. Here in the U.S.A human rights oppression is part of everyday life. This is a colonial power that knowingly and pathologically committed the genocide of millions of Native Indigenous people at the same time as using SLAVES to cement their empire and political control. The European colonies imported people who would be happy to live in conditions better than what they had before and even gave them land and incentives to stay and raise families. The governments in control of colonial interests paid military professionals and pioneers to evict the Native Americans from their homes and quickly replaced them with immigrants to make sure land was never left vacant for their return.

I provide a brief outline of some of the events pre-dating the formation of the USA. These are not opinions. History proves this as fact, and wrangling over the details is trifling.

And then they created the USA. And for the next century or so this pattern of slavery, extermination, and replacement continued. All while the immigrants who were toiling to make new lives for themselves in their new homeland had bigger problems to deal with than those battles being fought so far away. They created schools and became professionals. These are our ancestors. Grandparents and great grandparents who delivered this modern civilization on the backs of slaves and Indians and a mess load of extinct species and industrial disaster. AND YOU KNOW IT!

When do YOU become responsible?

I wanted to stop endorsing this history of murder and ignorance. I learned about how the government was encouraging the same kind of attitude in law enforcement employees during my life time. I saw the example of the MOVE 9 and Mumia. It is their strong example of defiance that inspires me to stay ON THE MOVE! They stood up for their freedom and demand justice for all living things so whatever their past doings I support them and their freedom!

Fred Riley

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