Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More and More People Moved by the Move 9

Hi, my name is Gary & I have been writing & visiting the MOVE 9 since 1980. I was drawn to the MOVE 9 for the opposite reason that the system was perpetuating. Through the 70's, those living in the Philly area were bombarded, often daily from the media, that MOVE was: wild, crazy, & violent radicals. Blatently, the system's goal was to discourage people from getting interested in MOVE & to be able to eradicate MOVE without public outcry. I came from a boring, white middle class upbringing, & the MOVE 9's trial intrigued me for excitement, to see this "wild" courtroom behavior by MOVE. 

When I went, they were nothing as portrayed & I left disappointed. Several months later, I thought I would try again, & this time, there were a group of supporters to join in with, & that's just what I did - forever. I still remember the thrill of being told I could visit the MOVE 9 in prison! To this day, the MOVE 9 are still thrilling me with each visit & letter received from them. The most remarkable thing about a prison visit, is that when leaving, us visitors remark that the MOVE 9 were so light, positive, & most of all - FREE! Before knowing the MOVE 9, my life was empty with drugs, alcohol, & whatever the System has to offer, so I have to give all thanks to the MOVE 9!

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