Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Move 9 And The Safety Of The Community

Ona Move 

The Fight in exposing the illegal parole denials of the Move 9 at the hands of The Pennsylvania Parole Board is still in full swing. During the respective 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 parole denials of The Move 9, the now main reason cited for the Move 9 being denied parole is this bogus issue of them being a threat to the safety of the community at large. This is the only issue that The Parole Board can use at this point cause we have taken away every excuse they have had, and have in fact exposed them on so many levels in which they could not afford to have exposed to the public.

The Issue of Responsibility/Remorse had to be taken off the table because our family would not admit guilt to a crime that they have maintained their innocence now for 39 years.  Akai Gurley, Sandra Bland, Anthony Baez, Michael Brown, Gideon Busch, and people from all across the country have been MURDERED by the Police, and these same Police who have MURDERED citizens are still walking the street and are the REAL threat to the community -- not innocent MOVE Members who have been unjustly denied parole since 2008 despite the FULL support of the community.

Since the PA Parole Board is on the subject of community safety, let's by all means speak on the issue of community safety and the PA Parole Board having a known pedophile on their board for a period of time.  In October 2014, PA Parole Board Member Randy Feathers resigned from the Board amid being involved in the kiddie porn email scandal that now has disgraced former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane facing prison time. For a two year period, Feathers received 400 emails related to kiddie porn as he worked for the office of The Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

From 2012 to 2014, Feathers, who also has not just pedophile credentials on his resume but is also a former police officer, voted against parole for our family also citing the issue of the safety of the community.  Governor Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Parole Board has a lot of explaining to do, and having him resign by no means is ENOUGH. What greater threat to the safety of the community and the children of the communities safety than to have a known pedophile in it and one that holds such a high position in office? It has been proven through their example our family is no threat to the community's safety.

This just further exposes how dirty and corrupt this system and it's officials are, and the character of the Pa Parole Board's background of Law Enforcement and now Pedophilia. This isn't just about our family, but it's about your family too -- the fact that your children are being kept in prison due to the nature of the crime or their failure to show remorse based on the opinion of smut peddlers and legalized killers casting judgement knowing Damn well their hands are dirty. People don't have to take our word for this; people can just go to the internet and google "Randy Feathers Pennsylvania Parole Board."

There will be a course of action that will follow in the next couple of days aimed at Governor Tom Wolf, his character and his new appointees to the parole board. In the meantime, we are still urging people to sign and spread the petition we have aimed at The United States Justice Department urging them to investigate the ongoing and wrongful imprisonment of the Move 9. People can sign the petition at We would like to reach 
a Mark of 10,000 by May so we got work to do.

Ona Move 

The Justice and Accountability Campaign 

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