Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sign the petition urging the Attorney General to free the Move 9

In recent years, numerous instances of racial profiling, civil rights violations and use of excessive police force have been investigated. The case of the Move 9 is widely acknowledged as a racially charged incident. Despite substantial evidence of their innocence and the lengthy time served, they remain incarcerated. For this reason, many are calling on the U.S. Attorney General to open a rigorous investigation into this case, and advocating for their release on parole.

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Andrew Stergiou said...

I think I screwed up my post as maybe I write well but I don't always type or edit well so I start again by saying this is to support the parole applications of the MOVE 9.

As I am a stranger in a strange land and make such statements under duress and pressures that demand I do not speak out on the police and the City of Philadelphia, that I experienced many years ago on the occasion of my first visit to that city. Where I witnessed first hand the arrest/beating of black men by the police, harassment of witnesses. As I was leaving the bus depot soon after my arrival on my first visit there in 1970 in what serves as a vivid memory nightmare to me of the Frank Rizzo Police State perpetuated by those like Ed Rendell who later became Mayor of Philadelphia and then Governor. Where I have lived and relived for the last 45 years that police injustice as a symptom of PTSD though the police insist they are the "good guys" my experience otherwise, as their actions constantly prove otherwise often to the contrary. Where they (the police) demand "WE THE PEOPLE" believe their biased views though there are often many bad cops and only a few decent cops and even less proof that they are anything but often guilty.

So I believe wholeheartedly most of what this video depicts especially as I now live in rural Pennsylvania surrounded by many who display the Confederate Flag and can not distinguish themselves from such criminals and thugs pretending to be law enforcement officers for at best their enforcement of the law is selective arbitrary and capricious and unconstitutional.

Best wishes and regards to all the people and the MOVE 9
Free the People for they have nothing to lose but their chains.

Anonymous said...

Free them now

Anonymous said...
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Pepín López said...

Libertad para los 9. Por una Justicia real. Basta de discriminación racial. Fuerza desde Catalunya (Catalonia).
Pepín López.