Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Reflections of Phil Africa

Mr Del ,

I am terribly sorry about the loss of Phil . What a man he was . Extroardinary . I remember when I was drawing his portrait a fly kept landing on his forehead. It didn't even bother him. I said Phil , if you want to move so you could swat that fly feel free . He said the fly's our brother too. It was something  I'll never forget.

I hope that you are finding comfort in the good people and support around you . The guys I've talked to said that you are doing your best staying positive and on the move. That Made me happy .

We'll talk soon . In the meantime , I'm sending some copies of Phil for you to disburse as you feel adequate so people can have a pic in memory . It's all I could think of doing . If their is anything else I could do please let me know

Your friend


This one of the many brothers that served time with Phil at SCI Dallas

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