Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Memories of Phil Africa

Ona Move !!

There's  a  photo of Phil , Chuck, and me that was taken around 1993 . I love that photo and remember the scene like it was yesterday .

That was at a state boxing tournament at huntingdon , where  I was being held at the time . Chuck was coming in from Pittsburg for a fight, Phil was coming in from rockview as a trainer , and I ran the sound system at huntingdon which meant I would be in the auditorium when they first arrived. None of us had seen each for 13 years at this point . So when they both finally came in and we all saw each other we all hugged. We were just standing there in three man bundle just hugging and laughing , and both Phil and Chuck had tears streaming down their faces . Everybody was looking at us but nobody ever interfered or intruded . They could  all see how close and happy we all were to be seeing each other . I was  so happy to see my brothers again .to me it seemed we hadn't seen each other in 1000 years rather than 13 .

The thing is though , I also remember a very similar scene back at headquarters in 1975 where Phil and other Move folks had just been released . , Through  The Strategy Of JOHN AFRICA , Afrter  a demonstration and contempt of court charges. Phil's face looked the same as I described of huntingdon after not seeing us for those 13 years . Only in this case , he had only been separated from his family for maybe a month or so .

See with Phil , The length of time nor the particular people wasn't the ruling factor as it would have been for most folks . Phil just genuinely loved and missed his Move Family . Loved and missed everything connected to our family , and really really loved The Coordnator for giving it to him. But just as quick as he was with his smile, tears of happiness at being with the family ,anybody that has ever encountered him knows that he is even quicker to defend anyone even remotely connected to Move., John Africa , with every ounce of his being. Phil is the true epitome of a Move Solider.

The epitome of A Move Brother Someone dedicated to  the work of life .
His example will always be with us , with the very best of all of us
Long Live Our Family . We are all one with Moma .


Mike Africa

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