Sunday, January 26, 2014

Move 9 Monday's Continues This Monday 1/27

Ona Move Everybody!

Just wanted to touch base with people to update them about where things are at with The Justice and Accountability Campaign. We just wrapped up our 12th and last radio show this past week for Move 9 media month where we did shows across the country which featured our sister and Move Political Prisoner Janine Africa. We did shows in NYC, Philly, Greensboro NC, Delaware, Atl, and other cities where the issue of the PA Parole Board and The Move 9 was addressed. Thank you again to all of the radio show hosts that hosted us.

The PA Parole Board is under a tremendous amount of pressure over the issue of The Move 9. People from all over the world are calling the parole board on Monday's questioning them over the illegal and biased parole denials of the Move 9. We are winning but we gotta stay consistent and keep the pressure on. So don't forget to make those calls this Monday 1/27. You can reach the parole board at (717) 772-4343. Call and demand the release of Move Political Prisoners and also question them about these key issues at hand:

(1) Why are Randy Feathers and Lloyd White two former police officers sitting over the parole hearings of a case that revolves around the frame up and murder of a police officer? This is a clear conflict of interest in these hearings.

(2) At least seven of the eight remaining move members in prison have all been recommended for parole by the wardens of their institutions and all of them have employment and housing set up for them when they are released. Despite all of this why is the parole board only focusing on the issue of the nature of the crime?

These are two key points to use. Also we want people to post their feed back on their calls to the comment box on the blog and also if they won't let you speak to any members of the board leave a message for them with your phone number and let us know if you got a call back and a response.

The PA Parole Board Can Be Reached At (717) 772-4343

Ona Move

Orie, Margie, Illy, and Mona

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