Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's Time or Money Got to Do With It?

Never forget 1985! Now is the time to free the MOVE 9!

Friday May 13, Join the MOVE organization to watch “MOVE: A Confrontation” to understand the unjust incarceration of the MOVE 9 and how the battle for their release leads to the bombing of MOVE in 1985.
L-13 Gladfelter Hall, Temple University
1115 W. Berks Street, Philadelphia 6-9 pm

Saturday May 14, join us for a rally Broad & Chestnut sts, Philadelphia 12-3 pm

What’s Time or Money Got to Do with It?
Phil Africa, MOVE 9
You may have heard about our family going to the D.A. last year to have murder charges filed against city officials and police involved in the murders of eleven of our family members on May 13th 1985. The D.A.’s office refused to carry out the filing of murder charges against its bosses and murderous racist buddies. A situation very familiar to all of us poor folks and people of color who have ever tried to have officials held responsible for crimes committed against us through out history. Nothing has changed from the older days of slavery til’ today. The double standard of how the poor and of color are mistreated compared to Monies & Official people still stands more than ever!

In a system where they still hunt Nazis for war crimes from World War 2, where soldiers are still being killed and killing long after the war created on lies in Iraq is suppose to be over, there are hundreds of people held captive on death rows waiting to be murdered many years after the crimes they were accused of committing have passes, but when it come to going after those who’ve murdered MOVE folks, the only thing of importance to this system is time, dollars and cents. In a system that is well known for its revengeful, violent attitude of never forget/never forgive and drive to hunt down those it sees as responsible no matter how long it takes or how much it cost when something is sees as wrong is done to it, for it to say our charges were “investigated decades ago” and that it is a legitimate policy decision for the D.A.’s office to save resources by not investigating a matter again” is racist and insane. Neither of the issues sighted by the D.A. and upheld by common pleas Judge Palumbo had anything to do with justice or being right. They both were the pattern response to Black and Poor folks complaints when they are against this system and its agents, that time and money are those in office only concern!
Of course both excuses are crap! This state has over fifty-one thousand people locked up in prison and adding more each day! At a time when other states prison populations are going down, this state is sky rocketing! The federal government stated that all crimes are down across the nation, yet Pennsylvania continues to lock people up and keep them locked up to the point where they have to build even more prisons, costing the tax payer more money.

One of the prisons alone is expected to cost $127 million, so three would put around $381 million. This system admits these three new prisons will be filled as soon as they are completed in about three years! And these officials got the nerve to talk about “saying scarce resources” as their reason for not wanting to investigate the murders of 11 move members that includes five children. Everyone should be outrages about this foul injustice.

Like with the case of Oscar Grant out in LA, as long as this system thinks that it can murder Black folks, poor folks at will and get only a slap on the wrist if convicted, they have no motivation to stop. These official criminals that hide behind the labels of Judge/DA/Mayor/Governor/Police Officer and misuse those positions/labels to commit crimes that non-officials go to jail for every day, must be stopped! These officials must be made to realize that they are public servants and when they cease to do the will of the public, the people, when they are exposed as being the same as slave plantation overseers, then they must be removed as any overseer should be removed. Keep in mind what John Africa teach “that just because its legal, don’t make it right”, LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA! That Judge and DA can talk all the legal crap they want, but it don’t make their rulings right. It is not right that they try to act like “time” has something to do with justice, that money has anything to do with justice, because they do not. 11 MOVE people were murdered on May 13th, 1985 and everyone knows that any honest investigation must be viewed as a accomplice in those murders. That’s how they roll when it comes to poor folks who they claim can hinder an investigation. What’s time or money got to do with justice making sure that those who are responsible for the murders of 11 people don’t get away! Bringing the guilty to justice should be the only concern. Clearly that’s not how the judges and D.A.’s office feels. Now if it were a cop who’d been murdered we all know the D.A. and Judge would be singing another tune! They would be kicking down doors, having Black males face down in the streets, the Mayor would be on the news vowing to capture those they think are responsible, every cop would be towing the Blue Line of saying they will never forgive or forget and swearing to look for the killer no matter how long it took or how much money it cost. Time or money would never be an issue. But when its Black lives we’re talking about, poor people’s lives we’re talking about.

Folks don’t let these people get away with murder! Don’t let these same people who have pulled every lie and trick they could invent to put and keep innocent MOVE people in jail for over 32 years at a cost of well over 5 million dollars for crimes this system know that we did not commit, get away with 11 murders and that the world knows that this system committed!

Like I said, Time and Cost got nothing to do with seeing that justice is done! People must demand that those responsible for the murders of 11 MOVE people including 5 children be made to face the charges like all those they hunt down daily for far less!

Let me make this clear, we in MOVE are not looking for justice from this system, John Africa has exposed this system for being completely corrupt with no justice to give, how could it, when it is founded on the foundation of rape, murder, slave, genocide, lies and oppression. People need to see that there is No justice in this system and need to stop allowing this system to ride hard over people as if it is just, fair, balanced, when all this system is, is a LIE! Each time we expose this system for being the racist, unjust monster that it is, we are doing the work needed to wake people up to stop allowing this system to get away with the crimes it constantly commits. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA’S REVOLUTION AND DOWN WITH THIS ROTTEN REFORM WORLD SYSTEM! Free All Political & Class prisoners! Unity is Power!

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