Saturday, May 25, 2019

Janet and Janine Africa Paroled!

Our sisters Janet and Janine Africa were finally released today after they were unjustly denied parole almost exactly a year ago when Debbie was granted parole. There is NO REASON why these sisters were held in prison why Debbie was released, other than that the PA Board of Parole is rotten to the core. Take a moment to welcome them home! Their post-release fund is at:


Mae said...

Wow, I am humbled to have stumbled across this page. I see not many of my peers have made it here. I wish I could express how honored I am to have this opportunity to speak on this platform. For I am of no one significant just a young brown girl thirsty for history.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how this peace of our history was never revealed to us in no way ..Technology has released a world of information.. This peace of history needs to be told and our children need to know about . the sacrifices that these members of the move organization has made for us as a people… Standing on the principles and teaching of John Africa..Angainst this wicked AmeriKKKan system. I am honored to have stumbled across this peace of history.. You should be honored along with Malcolm X and Black Panthers of our history.