Thursday, February 9, 2017

Michael Africa Sr Denied Parole

Back In 2014 Our Brother Michael Africa Sr  went  before The Pennsylvania Parole Board and was as expected denied parole . What was even more sinister with this parole denial was the fact that Michael was given a five year hit . One of the reasons cited was that Michael was considered a threat to the safety of the community at large . Back in 2015 Michael had appealed this denial and was granted an appeal hearing that took place in August of 2016 . None the less after a six month wait mike was finally given word that he was again denied parole . We know that Michael was given a one year hit the reasons for this denial hasn't been cited yet but as usual we know the forces behind his denial .

A couple of weeks ago we brought to people's attention the background of Mark Koch one of the newest members of The Pennsylvania Parole Board. We exposed in full Mr. Koch's lifelong career in Law Enforcement and the Special Role he has played with The Fraternal Order Of Police . We exposed to people the danger in having someone of such a long storied background in law enforcement voting over the potential release of  parole for Move Political Prisoners . Mr Koch was one of The Parole Board Members who recently voted against parole for Michael as was to be expected . The Fraternal Order Of Police no longer have to lobby against parole for The Move 9 now that they have one of their members in place on the Pennsylvania Parole Board to do their work .

From 2012-2014 A former Board Member Randy Feathers voted against Parole For The Move 9 stating in their denial's that they were a risk to the safety of the community.Randy Feathers resigned from his position from the board  due to himself being involved in the recent kiddie porn scandal with recently convicted disgraced former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane . A man that's a risk to the safety of every child in the communities safety stated that our family risks a threat to the communities safety and cannot be paroled.
By the ending of the month our course of action will begin in the meantime we are asking people to Sign And Share the petition we have aimed at The United States Justice Dept calling for a civil rights investigation into the case of The Move 9 . People can sign the petition at

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