Sunday, October 30, 2016

To My Sister's

On The Move

Hi Janet, Neen, Debbie, and Merle How's my sister's doing , strong right , I'm still sitting here looking at a picture of y'all from muncy with Swella , Ria, Bert , and Mona in it Damm my sisters are beautiful , inside and out . I got to thinking of some of the fun we had playing jokes on each other and the car wash we had , I love y'all and miss y'all a whole lot , but I know the bond of love and family still keeps us connected ! LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA ain't this something , we been so called separated , for 38 years but we are closer now than when these system people put us in these jails ,we still United, still giving and sharing love and family , we've grown strong together, helping each other to keep their eyes and minds on what's important , life , health , revolution that creates, togetherness , builds harmony , bonds us all together , in MOVE , and those not in MOVE as we are all connected thru the bond of life created by MOMMA , GOD THE CREATOR! LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA . I want y'all to never forget , you are loved , you are missed and will always have family to turn to hear me , I love you Debbie , I love you Merle , I love you Janet, I love you Neen , I love my family and always will , take care of each other hear , hold on to each other , care for each other , this is what family is all about ! On The Move Y'all , We will see each other !

On The Move


Eddie Africa

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