Thursday, June 16, 2016

Debbie Africa Denied Parole

As expected this past week The Pennsylvania Parole Board denied parole for our Sister Debbie Africa  and gave her a two year hit .  A week and a half ago The Pennsylvania Parole Board as well denied parole for both Janet and Janine Africa giving them both a two year hit as well . The recent parole denials are nothing more than yet another pathetic attempt by this Government to try and break our sisters . This attempt by this Government has not and will not Break our Sisters because they are Strong , Secure, and Committed Revolutionary Women thanks to JOHN AFRICA The FOUNDER and COORDINATOR  Of THE MOVE ORGANIZATION . 

Our sisters are remaining strong and have not given up in their fight for REVOLUTION  and this is an encouraging example for us all to keep fighting . By no means are these recent denials a defeat for us but this gives us more fuel, more fire, to keep exposing this issue with The Pa Parole Board And The Fraternal Order Of Police . This fight is far from over as we now prepare for The August 2016 parole hearing for our Brother Michael Africa and The now 2018 parole hearings for Delbert , Eddie , Janet , Janine , and Debbie Africa . So as was stated earlier this fight is FAR FROM OVER and we are not letting up not one bit and we will continue to work to bring our family home .

We will soon post  our next course of action as it relates to the illegal parole denials of The Move 9 . In the meantime we continue to urge people to sign and share the official petition we have aimed at The United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch urging an investigation into The Wrongful and Ongoing Imprisonment of The move 9 . People can sign by going to the link
Also This August 8th 2016 on the 38 Anniversary of The arrest of The Move 9 we will be putting together a twitter storm to obtain our goal of 25,000 signatures for The Us Justice Department petition for an investigation into the wrongful imprisonment issue . 

In the meantime we urge people to stay strong and keep fighting 

Ona Move 


For More Info People Can Go To 

Move 9 Paroleblogspot .com
Justice For The Move 9 / Facebook 

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Anonymous said...

I remember I was only a little girl but I remember can't believe you are still locked up I can still remember the babies the smiles on their mother's faces when we played outside my aunts house down the bottom I'm just amazed to come across this article I still remember my mom and neighbors saying how rizzo bomb the move people with their children and how sorry and afraid it made me feel I was about 10 but was smart enough to know it wasn't because they were murderers but because their lifestyle was different and differed from that that was approved of of society in that era but I felt it couldn't have been that simple it must have been more to it that I was to young to understand...this article gives me the chance to read about what happened during this piece of history from my childhood just maybe the questions I had then will be answered or maybe it was as simple even a child understanding summed it up just right.