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Parole Endorser Letter For The Move 9 Sisters

Ona Move Everyone ! 

We are sending to everyone a copy of The Parole Endorsement Letter For The Move 9 Sisters that we are sending to The New Chairman of The Pa Parole . We also wanted to take the time to thank everyone that took the time to sign on and endorse parole for our sisters .

Pennsylvania Board Of Probation And Parole

Chairman Leo L.Dunn 

This Letter is being sent to you from individuals and organizations who have a collective interest in parole being granted for Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307 , Janet (Holloway) Africa 006308, and Janine (Phillips) Africa 006309 . Since 2008  Mrs. Phillips , Ms Sims, and Ms Holloway along with their co defendants have been eligible for parole and have been denied parole on a consistent basis from 2008 to as recent as February 2016.  Mrs. Phillips, Ms Holloway , and Ms Sims were all denied parole in June of 2013 and Ms Sims again in June of 2014 . The reasons in which the three were denied are indeed questionable .

- Denial Of The Nature And Circumstances Of The Offenses Committed .
- Refusal To Accept Responsibility For The Offenses Committed .
- Level Of Risk To The Safety Of The Community 

As members of the community abroad we strongly feel that these three women are by no means a threat to our safety at large . Ms Sims , Ms Holloway , and Mrs Phillips were never convicted with weapons charges for the crime they were convicted of 37 years ago . The Pennsylvania Parole Board has  held these three women and their co defendants in prison longer with the excuse of failure to show remorse or accept responsibility for a crime that has been proven they have not committed . In fact the trial judge The Late Edwin Malmed admitted on a public radio show after sentencing Move Members to 30 to 100 year sentences that he had the faintest idea who murdered police officer James Ramp and that he was sentencing Move Members to 30 to 100 years sentences because they are Move Members .  Here 37 years after their conviction The Pennsylvania Parole Board are continuing to keep Move Members in prison for the reason of their original conviction BECAUSE THEY ARE MOVE MEMBERS !

As a collective of individuals and organizations that have signed this letter we fully endorse parole  for Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307 , Janet (Holloway) Africa 006308 , and Janine (Phillips) Africa 006309 . We also fully bring into question the continued illegal practices of The Pennsylvania Parole Board as it relates to The Move 9 and Men  and Women  in prisons across the State Of Pennsylvania .

Sophia Dawson.                                            National Jericho Movement. 
Joan Gibbs Esq  Bklyn Ny                            Burning Books Book Store (Buffalo Ny)
Cynthia McKinney                                          The Nation Of Islam 
Killu Nyasha                                                   The Campaign To Bring Mumia Home 
Dr Suzanne W. Ross                                      NYC Coalition To Free Mumia Abu Jamal
Ann Lamb (NYC Jericho)                                NYC Leonard Peltier Support Campaign  
Erica Mines                                                     Amigos De Mumia De Mexico 
Sababa Akil                                                    California Coalition For Women Prisoners
Pamela Fadem                                               Justice For The Dallas 6 Support Campaign
Melvin Dill                                                         Denver Abcf 
Judith Ackerman                                              South Brooklyn Abcf 
Roger Leisner (Radio Free Maine )                  Veterans Legal Foundation            
Abdul Haqq Islam                                             Claude Marks (Freedom Archives) 
Anti Racist Action La.                                        Rust Gilbert Bklyn Ny 
Melina Abdullah (Black Lives Matter).              Foundation Radio 
Nickel City Housing Corporation (Buffalo ny).    Human Rights Coalition Fed Up  
Quinon Brooker                                                 Black Radical Organizing Collective 
Philadelphia Coalition For Real Justice             Ingrid Hill (pop) 
Deborah Fay                                                      IZ Balatto ( Guerilla Republik) 
Samidoun Palestinian Solidarity Network.          Phoenix Friends Of Move 
New York City Friends Of Move.                         Mmoja Ajabu        
                                                                                                                                             The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (Philadelphia Chapter) 
Women In Support Of The  Million Woman March  incorporated 
People's Action For Rights And Community 
Michael Novick (National Board Of Pacifica 
Dorsey Nunn (Prisoners With Children) 
Corey Mac A" Ghobhain (Progress For Science )
Milton Allimadi. (Blackstar News) 
Marilyn Kai Jewett 

Ona Move 

For More info people can go to 

Move 9 
Justice For The Move 9/Facebook 

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