Saturday, March 5, 2016

Move 9 Monday's March 7 2016 The People vs Pa Governor Tom Wolf

The Upcoming May 2016 parole hearings for our sisters Janet , Janine , and Debbie Africa is quickly approaching . Even though they have a May date for their hearings we do not know if this will be the official date due to the fact that the Pa Parole Board has been known now to play the stalling game as recently shown in the almost four month delay for the parole hearing for Eddie Africa. This though is a clear indication of the pressure they are under over the issue of parole for Move Political Prisoners .

This Monday March 7th 2016  we are restarting our Move 9 Monday's call in campaign and the main target will be Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf . Pennsylvania's new Governor has continued to make liberal cries for parole reform across the state yet will not speak on the issue or take action on the subject of parole for The Move 9 . We are asking that people concerned with justice and doing what's right call , Fax ,and Email The Governors Office this Monday March 7th and demand parole for 

Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307 
Janet (Holloway) Africa 006308
Janine (Phillips) Africa 006309 

People can reach The Governors Office 

By Phone  (717) 787-2500
By Fax       (717) 772-8284
By Email  You can go to the site and go to the contact section.

Also at this crucial time we are urging people to sign The petition we have aimed at United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch urging an investigation into the wrongful and ongoing imprisonment of The Move 9 . People can sign the petition at

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

For More info people can go to 

Move 9 Paroleblogspot .com
Justice For The Move 9/Facebook

Presented Below is a list of groups and individuals that endorse parole for The Move Women to sign on as an endorser you can go

Marilyn Kai Jewett ,                                                           
Burning Books Buffalo Ny                                
Dorsey Nunn (Prisoners with Children)
Black Star News (Milton Allimadi).                                     
Sophia Dawson 
Joan Gibbs Esq  Brooklyn Ny 
Mmoja Ajabu
Prison Radio
IZ Baletto (Guerilla Republik)
Anti Racist Action La 
Foundation Radio
Michael Novick National Board Of Pacifica 
Rust Gilbert Brooklyn Ny 
Women In Support Of The Million march incorporated .
Erica Mines 
Philly Coalition For Real Justice 
Melvin Dill (veterans legal foundation)
Campaign to bring Mumia home 
Claude Marks (Freedom Archives)
Abdul Haqq Islam
Cynthia McKinney
Roger Leisner (radio free Maine)
Denver Anarchist Black Cross Federation 
People's Action For Rights And Community 
New York Anarchist Black Cross Federation 
South Brooklyn Anarchist Black Cross Federation 
Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network 
NYC Friends Of a Move 
Phoenix Friends Of Move 
New York City Jericho Movement 
Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (Philadelphia Chapter)
Deborah Fay 
Justice For The Dallas  6 Support Committee 
Human Rights Coalition - Fed Up
Pamela Fadem 
California Coalition For Women's Prisoners 
Sababa Akil 
Nickel City Housing Cooperative Buffalo Ny 
Amigos De Mumia de Mexico 
Quinon Brooker
Black Radical Organizing committee 
Melina Abdullah Black lives Matter 
Ingrid Hill Peoples Organization For Progress 
Kiilu Nyasha (Freedom is a constant struggle)
National Million Women's Movement 
Cory Mac A Ghobhain (Progress For Science) 

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