Friday, January 1, 2016

Turn Up Time Support Parole For The Move 9 Sisters

This Coming May our sisters Move Political Prisoners Janet , Janine , and Debbie Africa will be making an appearance for what will be their seventh time before The Pennsylvania Parole Board and we intend to turn the heat up over this . The Pennsylvania Parole Board since 2008 has worked consistently with the Fraternal Order Of Police and This Government to ensure that not only Move Members remain in prison but to ALSO DIE IN PRISON as per the death of Phil Africa in Early January 2015 . We have serious work to do as we cannot afford to let another one of our family and political prisoners die in the prison system . The Time  is now to bring them home all of them home .

Our Family are now going into their 38th year of unjust imprisonment . Our sisters were framed for the Murder of Officer James Ramp as well as our brothers and each given 30-100 years but the thing that we want to point out is that our sisters none were never given weapons charges when tried and convicted . For The now 38 years that committed Move Members have been in prison they have set a Strong Revolutionary Example Of Love , Commitment , Unity , and Hard Work all instilled in them by JOHN AFRICA THE FOUNDER AND COORDINATOR OF THE MOVE ORGANIZATION . This example has earned the respect of prison officials throughout the state of Pennsylvania .

Since 2008 till as far back as Debbie Africa's last parole denial in 2014 all of The Move Women have been recommended for parole by prison officials at SCI Cambridge Springs in Pennsylvania . Prison officials have viewed strong women who have kept down racial and gang violence . Women who have helped mothers establish relationships with their children on the outside and motivate and give hope to many women who are facing life or many years to come in prison .  Despite all of this officials are hell bent on keeping our family in prison our Brother Eddie Africa was due to see The Parole Board back in October 2015 and as of January 1st 2015 has still not seen The Parole Board .

The Parole Board and this Government are out of excuses with The Move 9 and these unjust parole denials and that's because We have EXPOSED them and have taken away their excuses . They have been stalling the parole hearing of Eddie Africa cause at this point the only option they have is to do the right thing which they do not want to do.  As The Governor of Pennsylvania is now making liberal cries for parole reform in the state .We are launching a four month campaign that will run from January 1st Thru May 1st 2016 all aimed towards the efforts of bringing our sisters home . There will be plenty of information to follow on upcoming events in different cities and what people can do to get involved in this campaign to secure parole for our sisters and to bring them home .

At this point we are still urging people to sign the Justice Department petition for The Move 9 people can go to Your signatures are greatly needed right now our goal is 2500 signatures 

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For More info people can go to 

Justice For The Move 9/Facebook 

Move 9 paroleblogspot .com

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