Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This Friday 11/6/15

First we would like to start this by thanking all the people who took the time this past Monday to call and email PA Governor Tom Wolf in support of parole for our Brother Eddie Africa. This past Monday was a huge success as we will not leave a stone unturned in this fight with the Pennsylvania Parole Board and exposing their illegal and unjust actions in regards to the parole denials of Move Political Prisoners. The Governor's Office and The Parole Board is under a tremendous amount of pressure and do not want to deal with this issue as they are now playing a game of ping pong as each office is referring callers to the other's office number which isn't going to work.

Since Governor Tom Wolf has made the call for parole reform in Pennsylvania he will be held to it starting with The Move 9. We are asking people to call or email Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf This Friday 11/6/15 and demand parole for Edward Goodman Africa Am-4974 and also an investigation into the illegal and biased parole denials of the Move 9 from 2008 to 2015. People can call (717) 787-2500 or email Here are key points that people can use when calling or emailing the Governor:

(1) On October 5th Governor Wolf appointed Michael L. Green  To Chairman of The Pa Parole Board which serves as a complete conflict of interest due to the fact over ten years ago Michael L. Green was appointed to The Parole Board by then Governor Ed Rendell who was The District Attorney of Philadelphia during the trial of The Move 9 and whose office prosecuted The Move 9. Mr Green has sat over previous parole hearings over move members in which he has given negative votes for parole now as Chairman he has the final word if Edward will be paroled.

(2) Leslie Gray has very strong ties to Law Enforcement officials in Pennsylvania as it states on the website of The Pennsylvania Parole Board. This creates a clear conflict of interest due to the fact that the case of The Move 9 revolves around the murder of a police officer. Ms. Gray has already shown bias towards Move Members seeking parole as per the November 2014 parole hearing of Michael Davis Africa.

(3) During the seven year parole eligibility process Edward like several other Move members were interviewed by two now former board members Randy Feathers And Lloyd White who were both former police officers which creates yet another conflict of interest.

(4) Edward has an excellent prison conduct record where he has kept down both racial and gang violence in Pennsylvania prisons. Despite this he has been denied parole cause the parole board has deemed him a risk to the safety of the community despite the fact no one from the community has ever deemed Edward a risk to their safety.

Let's keep the pressure on 

Ona Move 

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