Thursday, June 11, 2015

Keep the Calls Going for Delbert Africa

Ona Move 

Sometime on Monday, June 8th 2015 in the late morning our Brother Delbert Africa was given his parole hearing before The PA Parole Board. Delbert was scheduled to go before the board this month but did not have a set date. Usually the inmate is given advanced notice of their hearing at least a week or two before or in some cases the night before, but not in the case of Delbert Africa. With no time to prepare, Delbert on Monday morning June 8th was informed to report to the interview room for his parole hearing.

Pennsylvania Parole officials are under a severe amount of pressure over the issue of parole for Delbert and other Move Members just as early as last week people from all over the world flooded the phone lines of The PA Parole Board demanding parole for Delbert at his upcoming hearing cause of this officials secretly had Delbert's hearing to deviously keep this out of the eyes of the public and deviously under the orders of the Fraternal Order of Police and Philadelphia Officials deny parole for Delbert Africa.

Delbert called yesterday to give me the details of the hearing where he stated that he met with two parole officers named Hollins and Leander the basics were discussed where they even commended Delbert on not having any disciplinary infractions in his folder and commended him on his home plan. However the issue of the crime was still brought up and Delbert like the rest of The Move 9 continues to maintain his innocence and will not take responsibility for something that he and the rest of The Move 9 did not do.

At This point Delbert is now 71 years old and needs to be home with his family and the parole board knows this a decision has not been made yet on Delbert's Parole so let's continue to flood the phone lines of The PA Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 and demand Parole for Delbert Orr Africa AM-4985. They are going to tell people to write letters to divert their calls but we want people to keep calling because their phone lines were established for people to call to voice their concerns on parole so let's keep the pressure on.

Ona Move,

The Justice and Accountability Campaign 

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