Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lorenzo Cat Johnson On The 30th Anniversary Of The Move Bombing

30 years later: One of the most horrific displays of racism on U.S. soil.

May 13, 1985, multiple people were murdered; 5 were children. These human beings weren’t murdered for any wrongdoing on their behalf--they were murdered for their culture. So much for freedom of belief.

This massacre took place at MOVE headquarters at 6221 Osage Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after a non-violent standoff with police. Orders from Police Commissioner George Sambor were given to drop two explosive devices from a State Police helicopter onto the roof of the MOVE home...

A massive blaze was ignited that engulfed the whole building. This led to the burning of 65 homes--a whole city block. One of the two survivors, Ramona Africa, stated how firefighters stood by and watched the inferno under orders by the police to not stop the fire. The MOVE members who tried to escape the blaze were shot at by the police, causing them to run back into the fire... Afterwards the police would later claim that MOVE members were shooting at them.

In March of 1986, an investigation led by Philadelphia Special Investigation Commission issued a report that denounced the city’s actions, stating: "Dropping a bomb on an occupied row-house was unconscionable.” However, NO city official were ever charged.

In 1996, a federal jury concluded that the city used excessive force and violated MOVE members' constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure and prevented them from exercising their culture as they see fit according to their human rights.

Once again--NO ONE has ever been charged for this massacre...

The Pain Within

Free The Innocent,
Lorenzo "CAT" Johnson


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