Friday, July 19, 2013

One Force: MOVE Supporters display Phil Africa's Art Work


The A-Space has generously donated their walls for an August Art Display. We're taking a twist on showcasing Phil's art-- we also want to showcase who has been impacted by Phil (& by extension, the MOVE 9 & MOVE as a whole). 

If you've received one of Phil's paintings please take a digital photo or scan the piece. Email us the art so we can blow it up & print it for the exhibit. We want a resolution that will maintain clarity when the image is enlarged.

Please include responses to the following:
1) State your name & current city & country of residence
2) Write two to three sentences about your own activism. It can be advocacy for the MOVE 9 as well as any additional work you engage in.
3) Share how you received Phil's art
4) Share any teaching opportunities you've had about the MOVE 9 because of this work

We'll compile the responses & share them alongside the art. This way we can shed light on the network-- the FAMILY-- we've created & know our collective work a bit better. This exhibit will be in coordination with an August 8th action for the release of the MOVE 9!

Please email all information to

Opening Reception: Monday August 5, 5-6:15 pm. Stop by after work for snacks and to view the installation.

Closing Reception: Friday August 30, 5-7 pm.

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