Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Janet Africa Denied Parole - Given 3 Year Hit!

Today Janet was denied parole and given a three year hit, meaning she will not be eligible for parole for 3 years despite having a positive recommendation for parole from the prison where she is held.  The reasons for the denial listed on the notice (see below) were:

Your failure to demonstrate motivation for success.

Your minimization/denial of the nature and circumstances of the offense(s) committed.

Your refusal to accept responsibility for the offense(s) committed.

Your lack of remorse for the offense(s) committed.

Your negative interest in parole.

The first and last reasons are just patently false.  All Move members have demonstrated excellent motivation for physical, mental, spiritual success as well as positive interest in parole and Janet is no exception.  In fact, all of the Move members that have been paroled have not recidivated, so there is no reason to believe that Janet would do anything but follow in their footsteps and return to her community as a positive influence once paroled. 

The three middle reasons should legitimately not be used to deny parole to Janet.  Requiring a prisoner who maintains their innocence to admit guilt, responsibility or remorse is unreasonable considering that would amount to lying.

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