Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eddie Africa of the MOVE 9 has been denied parole

Ramona just sent out this email:

ONAMOVE, Everybody! We were just informed that the parole has again issued the first of their decisions on the MOVE 9. They have denied parole to our brother,Eddie Africa., and given him a 2 year hit (meaning they will review him again for parole in 2 years). We will send more detailed information as to the specific excuse for the denial as we receive it. Take care and never stop resisting the insanity of this system----Ramona


Overcome said...

Hi Hans! Pleasure to find your name is Kevin Chavez. I just heard about this insane beyond absurd case last night on the radio. To my surprise an intellectual geared radio-staion allowed on air, new age progression. That is i'm over here in Los Angeles. I cannont stand for something like this to take place in a world which is completely built on false truths let alone happen period. It comes down to humanity itself, the evolution of human beings, modern man and the fear instilled througout the ages. I am actually moving back home to my roots to begin 3 service projects. For all projects are driven by the earth itself to make this place better not only for ourselves but children to come. This is a land of injustice and nothing but a game with those delusional money hungry in charge pulling the strings of fear. I feel a deep connection to this case and understand what must be done. To never feel helpless but stand tall on your beliefs, be the truth.

We walk amongst dead souls.


Hans Bennett said...

Nice to hear from you Kevin. I'm glad you liked the blog, and I appreciate your support in spreading the word about this injustice.

Anonymous said...