Thursday, August 7, 2008

CN8 interviews Ramona Africa about the recent denial of parole to the MOVE 9

As the AFR site explains: Art Fennell Reports talks with MOVE representative Ramona Africa about the corrupt parole system in Philadelphia and the bombing of 23 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Here's my comment. Don't watch mainstream media that is owned and controlled by the Ruling Elite in this Country. They are always very biased and do not present the truth. At the least, Ramona had an opportunity to, once again, explain the innocence of these people that are imprisoned by the Ruling Elite. Clearly, these people are not guilty and should never have been imprisoned. They should be released TODAY! What ever happened to the right to bear arms? What ever happened to the right to defend your home from illegal seizure? What ever happened to the right to defend yourself when anybody attempts to deprive you of life and liberty? This whole situation, again, clearly shows how the Ruling Elite will do whatever they can to prevent Americans from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if it interferes with the Ruling Elite's ability to steal wealth from all people!

ru fong said...

it must take uncommon strength of conviction and belief to continue the struggle for the freedom of your family Ramona. i salute you and all MOVE members.
Long live John Africa.

must feel strange to see apathy around you in Philadelphia, in people that you
are also fighting for their freedom from the system.

MOVE is an organization that reminds me we are not done, human beings will continue to resist the machine of oppression. rock on!