Friday, February 6, 2015

For Phil Africa

Your system is made to numb people
Your system is meant to bring evil
Your system of lies and countless deception
Your system of genocide and exploitation
You murdered countless spirited folk
And then you smile and make it a joke
You tell other nations you are coming to save
And when you arrive you prepare their grave
Your system is not for righteousness
You can see it in your very own citizens
Look how they go about their daily lives
Careless, indifferent of the sufferer's cries
You've twisted the priority in people's minds
Now they believe that truths are lies
But to us others with three-fold eyes
Your corrupted system we stigmatize
We see and read between the lines
And educate others with power rhymes
We use our art to touch the lives
WAKE UP MIGHTY PEOPLE, it's time to rise.
Don't you think that you'll get away
With all the lives you've took away
Be prepared, for the time is near
When you kill one, a thousand shall appear
When you thought no one was looking
You thought you could stop MOVE from existing
Today, the whole world knows what you did
No matter what evidence you've tried to rid
Whoever doesn't support your wicked schemes
You call them terrorists, and make the people believe
But a lie cannot stand on its two feet
For the power of Truth is always final.
The end of your reign will strongly be cheered
Empowering the people is your biggest fear
Informing the masses is your worst nightmare
That's why we shall always persevere
You've murdered John Africa
You've stomped Life Africa
You've killed Merle Africa
And now you took Phil Africa
No, this shall not go unnoticed
Cuz we are fuckin pissed
And we've had more than enough of you
You shall be crushed by the power of Truth
I never met Phil before,
But we've corresponded back and forth
He helped me through some very tough times
And for that he's always on my mind
I've even made a video of his art
His drawings and paintings touch the heart
And this is all you need to do
In order to change the world anew
And this is why you took him away
But as my poem is read today
His soul is present, filling the air
You can't see him but his vibration is there
For those whose lives are interrupted
Become roaming souls for a long period
But those who go the natural way
Are reborn within a couple of days
(This is from the Yogic science,
Something they don't teach you at school)
MOVE has heard my calling cry
They've all given me strength to survive
To live up and to help others strive
All praises to the Order of Life!
None of you could stop our flow
Just give in to Nature's show
What is your empire meant for
When you know you'll die tomorrow?
And I wait to see if Obama speaks
Speak out Obama at what your country reeks!
Come take matters in your own hands
Show the people where you stand
It's the murder of another innocent man
By the system that YOU represent
You cannot ignore this,
You cannot ignore MOVE.
But we know you won't speak out
Cause if you do,
Tomorrow's news will show a dead black president,
Shot in the head as he was leaving his house.
"What happened to him???
He tried to speak out for justice."
This is why we need to do the job ourselves
Cause nobody is gonna do it for us
We can't ask the system to stop itself
John Africa had already said this.
So lets all work towards LIFE!
And each time they take one of us away,
We should work a hundred times more!
And use the bad news of our close ones being murdered,
To spark more light in more people!
And at this pace, we can only be victorious.
And the system shall see its end sooner than we think!
And if done right, this work shall not stress you or tire you,
But it shall enlighten you, empower you, bring you satisfaction and peace of mind.
For no fruit bearing tree grows without the tenderness of sun and water and fertile soil.
No life could grow without love and care.
When done with love, NOTHING is stressful.
And who can't love Life?
Who can't love Nature?
Who can't love Health?
Who can't love Truth?
And if you love these things, how can you sit and watch them be exploited?
If you love them, you can't.
And if you don't love them, you can't know Life, you can only know death, jealousy, egoism, violence, destructiveness, exploitation, oppression; this is what the system is.
So put down your i-phones, your i-pads, and spend more time with the I.
Switch off the channel of the system, and open the windows and the doors of reality.
Let us do this for everyone who was murdered.
Let us do it for Phil Africa.
And let us not let the same thing happen to Mumia Abu-Jamal or to the rest of the MOVE 9, or to anybody else unjustly imprisoned, or whoever is being exploited.
Let us help eachother, be real to eachother, patient and wise.
Let us make that change RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!!!!!!
--Omar Schekhli, a.k.a. Omar Africa
Dedicated to the passing of Phil Africa, written in the morning of Sunday 25th January 2015.

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