Sunday, February 8, 2015

Denver ABCF On Phil Africa

This letter was written for Phil's Wife Janine Africa From Brother Illy From The Denver ABCF

Janine Phillips Africa #OO-6309
SCI Cambridge Springs 451 Fullerton Ave Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238

Dear Janine,
Illy Voxi
Denver ABC
P.O. Box 11236 Denver, CO 80211

Words cannot explain the hurt, the pain, and the anger that has overwhelmingly crushed me. Phil's death is some of the worst pain I've felt. I'm so fortunate that I was able to visit with him one time, just a matter of days before. At least there is that, I can go on knowing I got to see his fearless smile just one more time. Phil was one of my most active correspondents, and wonderful friend. While he was constantly busy responding to each and every letter he received, he still prioritized my letters over others to keep our communication close. I love Phil Africa so much, and now that I won't be receiving letters from him, life feels much more empty.
I spent the first half of the next day, shedding more tears then I have in years. I drove my van to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes. Before I entered the store I though to my self 'Phil wouldn't want me smoking right now, he would want me to be strong'. I then decided it must be Phil talking to me, as he is now part of life that flows free in the wind. I literally could feel myself breathing in some Phil as I obtained my breaths. I also wanted to just sit at home and mourn, but the element of Phil, once again encouraged me to hold my head up and move forward as strong as ever. So instead of staying home, I carried out the day with one of Denver ABC's most productive meetings. I know Phil wants for this situation to empower me and fuel my revolution more. Therefor, that's exactly what I'm allowing this hurt to do. I'm so lucky to have had such a strong, radical, and loving person to constantly give me wisdom and inspiration. When I was feeling down, a letter from Phil always brought me right back to focus. Now he's not here in person to coach me, but with his spirit in the air, I'm feeling a sense of guidance and focus like never before. Still however, I hurt and I miss him.
Janine, I cannot even imagine how much this must hurt for you. One cannot even visualize the torture of being locked in a cage while your husband was dying. To know also that he was murdered by those bloodthirsty drooling crazies that suck the the life and liberation out of humanity, is impaling. I hurt so bad for you right now Janine, but I know my hurt can never compare to yours. You have been through this pain before, with Life Africa and Little Phil, and yet you're still so incredibly strong thanks to John Africa. It's epic, and I work to have such strength one day. Though you're experienced in dealing with such pain, it still must hurt like hell to feel every time it comes. My friend and comrade, I am offering you and your family my absolute deepest condolences for your loss. You have my deepest love, support, and encouragement. Please just let me know of anything you need that I can provide, to help you through these hard times. I've got your back Janine, as do all of us here at Denver ABC.
Fuck the system, fuck the PADOC, fuck the nerve climbing parole board, and fuck the prison medical staff that applied the lethal dose. We will never forget our comrade Phil Africa. We will never forgive those responsible for his death. We will stop at nothing to find out what really happened in that infirmary, and we'll stop at nothing to hold them accountable. My rage is easily 10x what it was before. I'm ready for revolution, and I will give my all into getting you, and the rest of your imprisoned brothers and sisters out. We want you paroled, we want you released, we want you free. Let Phil's death mark the next stages in your campaigns, and empower all of us on the outside to fight harder, faster, stronger then ever before. Until every cage is empty... R.I.P. Phil Africa | Love & Solidarity,
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