Thursday, February 9, 2017

Michael Africa Sr Denied Parole

Back In 2014 Our Brother Michael Africa Sr  went  before The Pennsylvania Parole Board and was as expected denied parole . What was even more sinister with this parole denial was the fact that Michael was given a five year hit . One of the reasons cited was that Michael was considered a threat to the safety of the community at large . Back in 2015 Michael had appealed this denial and was granted an appeal hearing that took place in August of 2016 . None the less after a six month wait mike was finally given word that he was again denied parole . We know that Michael was given a one year hit the reasons for this denial hasn't been cited yet but as usual we know the forces behind his denial .

A couple of weeks ago we brought to people's attention the background of Mark Koch one of the newest members of The Pennsylvania Parole Board. We exposed in full Mr. Koch's lifelong career in Law Enforcement and the Special Role he has played with The Fraternal Order Of Police . We exposed to people the danger in having someone of such a long storied background in law enforcement voting over the potential release of  parole for Move Political Prisoners . Mr Koch was one of The Parole Board Members who recently voted against parole for Michael as was to be expected . The Fraternal Order Of Police no longer have to lobby against parole for The Move 9 now that they have one of their members in place on the Pennsylvania Parole Board to do their work .

From 2012-2014 A former Board Member Randy Feathers voted against Parole For The Move 9 stating in their denial's that they were a risk to the safety of the community.Randy Feathers resigned from his position from the board  due to himself being involved in the recent kiddie porn scandal with recently convicted disgraced former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane . A man that's a risk to the safety of every child in the communities safety stated that our family risks a threat to the communities safety and cannot be paroled.
By the ending of the month our course of action will begin in the meantime we are asking people to Sign And Share the petition we have aimed at The United States Justice Dept calling for a civil rights investigation into the case of The Move 9 . People can sign the petition at

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The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

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Justice For The Move 9/Facebook 

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Move 9 , The Fraternal Order Of Police , And The Pa Parole Board

The Justice And Accountability Campaign is still in full swing and is still going strong . We have dedicated 2017 to exposing and working around the puny excuse that The Pennsylvania Parole Board has used to so called justify denying parole for MOVE members in prison . The Excuse the past four years has been in the words of The Pennsylvania Parole Board  Parole Denial Reason cited The Risk To The Safety Of The Community At Large . Earlier This Month we talked on and exposed the character of Randy Feathers a former Board Member And Known Pedophile who resigned from The Pennsylvania Parole Board in the wake of the kiddie porn email scandal with disgraced now former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane .

This Will be an issue that we will continue to expose as time passes but in the meantime we want to talk further about The Fraternal Order Of Police and their connection to The Pa Parole Board . Since The Beginning of this campaign we have exposed the connection between Law Enforcement and their ties to The Parole Board  Randy Feathers , And Lloyd White were both Former Police Officers that were not only on The Parole Board but voted against parole for The Move 9 . Leslie Grey Another Board Member with ties to Law Enforcement and who is still on The Board has voted against parole for The Move 9 . Which we have said from the beginning is a conflict of interest to have former police officers who are now parole board members voting over the hearing of inmates whose case revolves around the murder of a police officer .

On June 15th 2016 The Pennsylvania Senate Confirmed Mark D. Koch as the newest Member  Of  The Pennsylvania Parole Board . We just want to provide People with a little background information to who Mark D. Koch is and his VERY STRONG TIES to Law Enforcement . In 1980 Mr Koch started as a Police Officer with the Department Of Defense from their in 1998 Mr Koch was elected to The Board Of The Pennsylvania State Fraternal Order Of Police as their treasurer . In 2004  Mr Koch was elected to two terms as State President Of The Fraternal Of Police representing more than 40,000 law enforcement officers . After his two terms were completed he then went on to serve as Director Of Legislative Affairs For The Fraternal Order Of Police until 2012  and also included in his long storied resume of Law Enforcement is that Mr Koch is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State Police Northeast Municipal Police Officer Training Academy .

It has been clear for quite some time now the role of The Fraternal Order Of Police and not only their public outcry against any form of release for our political prisoners .  You can look into the actions with The Fraternal Order Of Police In New Jersey and how they were able to work within the courts and have a court ordered parole release for one of our political prisoners overturned . Look at another political prisoner in the federal prison system who has been held twelve years now past his maximum release date due to the influence of a The Fraternal Order Of Police over The United States Justice Dept And The Department Of Homeland Security . New York State where not only does The Fraternal Order Of Police Lobby AGAINST  parole for New York State political prisoners but in fact they have an active member who sits on The board In the form of Sally Thompson .

So this is nothing new it's just now being exposed to the public thru this campaign . In 2018  Delbert Africa , Edward Africa , Janine Africa, Debbie Africa , and Janet Africa will be making yet another appearance before the parole board . The issue of Mark D. Koch poses  the strongest conflict of interest as per his background he is coming in with a vote against parole already decided against parole for our family . As we watch the Trump Administration put things in place for complete global dominance The Fraternal Order Of Police, The Pennsylvania Parole Board, and Philadelphia Officials have already set things in place to ensure that MOVE MEMBERS die in prison .  All of this has occurred under the watchful eye of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf who has made hypocritical cries about their needing to be reform within The Parole Board yet he has watched The Fraternal  Order Of Police time and time again be the decision maker with our families parole denials .

In The Month Of February there will be a course of action to follow all of this in the meantime we urge people to share and sign the petition we have aimed at The United States Justice Department Urging Them To Investigate The Case Of The Move 9 . People can sign the petition at

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Move 9 And The Safety Of The Community

Ona Move 

The Fight in exposing the illegal parole denials of the Move 9 at the hands of The Pennsylvania Parole Board is still in full swing. During the respective 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 parole denials of The Move 9, the now main reason cited for the Move 9 being denied parole is this bogus issue of them being a threat to the safety of the community at large. This is the only issue that The Parole Board can use at this point cause we have taken away every excuse they have had, and have in fact exposed them on so many levels in which they could not afford to have exposed to the public.

The Issue of Responsibility/Remorse had to be taken off the table because our family would not admit guilt to a crime that they have maintained their innocence now for 39 years.  Akai Gurley, Sandra Bland, Anthony Baez, Michael Brown, Gideon Busch, and people from all across the country have been MURDERED by the Police, and these same Police who have MURDERED citizens are still walking the street and are the REAL threat to the community -- not innocent MOVE Members who have been unjustly denied parole since 2008 despite the FULL support of the community.

Since the PA Parole Board is on the subject of community safety, let's by all means speak on the issue of community safety and the PA Parole Board having a known pedophile on their board for a period of time.  In October 2014, PA Parole Board Member Randy Feathers resigned from the Board amid being involved in the kiddie porn email scandal that now has disgraced former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane facing prison time. For a two year period, Feathers received 400 emails related to kiddie porn as he worked for the office of The Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

From 2012 to 2014, Feathers, who also has not just pedophile credentials on his resume but is also a former police officer, voted against parole for our family also citing the issue of the safety of the community.  Governor Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Parole Board has a lot of explaining to do, and having him resign by no means is ENOUGH. What greater threat to the safety of the community and the children of the communities safety than to have a known pedophile in it and one that holds such a high position in office? It has been proven through their example our family is no threat to the community's safety.

This just further exposes how dirty and corrupt this system and it's officials are, and the character of the Pa Parole Board's background of Law Enforcement and now Pedophilia. This isn't just about our family, but it's about your family too -- the fact that your children are being kept in prison due to the nature of the crime or their failure to show remorse based on the opinion of smut peddlers and legalized killers casting judgement knowing Damn well their hands are dirty. People don't have to take our word for this; people can just go to the internet and google "Randy Feathers Pennsylvania Parole Board."

There will be a course of action that will follow in the next couple of days aimed at Governor Tom Wolf, his character and his new appointees to the parole board. In the meantime, we are still urging people to sign and spread the petition we have aimed at The United States Justice Department urging them to investigate the ongoing and wrongful imprisonment of the Move 9. People can sign the petition at We would like to reach 
a Mark of 10,000 by May so we got work to do.

Ona Move 

The Justice and Accountability Campaign 

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sign the petition urging the Attorney General to free the Move 9

In recent years, numerous instances of racial profiling, civil rights violations and use of excessive police force have been investigated. The case of the Move 9 is widely acknowledged as a racially charged incident. Despite substantial evidence of their innocence and the lengthy time served, they remain incarcerated. For this reason, many are calling on the U.S. Attorney General to open a rigorous investigation into this case, and advocating for their release on parole.

Read the full text and sign the petition, where you can also share it on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Special Thank You / End Of The Year Wrap Up

Ona Move

As 2016 Comes to a close i wanted to take the time  to acknowledge and thank all of our friends, family, and supporters who contributed to The Justice And Accountability Campaign in 2016.   First I have to start by thanking four very important people who have been with this campaign since the very beginning Ramona, Illy , Odette , And Ann this campaign would not have reached the heights it has without the insight and help of the four of you your time, help, and insight is and always be greatly appreciated .  We started 2016 with a bang as we pushed the parole hearings for Eddie Africa and The Move 9 Sisters we opened with Move 9 media month in janurary and would like to thank all of our friends that hosted us on their shows such friends as our people on George Jackson Radio , Pops Movement Radio, G Town Radio, Sister Verbana ,Sister Maletia Ward  Sister Phile Chinsolue , Sister Sally O' Brian , Brother Bursts  Scotty Reid And Black Talk Radio , Wanda Sabir , And so Many others for giving us time on your radio shows and aiding in the fight to help free The Move 9 .

On Feburary 12th 2016 we hosted an Historic event in New York entitled an Evening Of Solidarity For Parole for MOVE Political Prisoners and ohhh boy was this a big event as the entire tri state area as it seems came out to support parole for our family .  Such Great Activists like Lynn Stewart , Zayid Muhammed , Jasiri x , Laura WhiteHorn , James McIntosh  , Iman Talib Abdur Rashid, Elsie Law, and so many others made the demand parole for The Move 9. We would like to thank everyone who participated and signed the endorser letter endorsing parole for our sisters .  I would like to thank Brother Zayid Muhammed who wrote a letter of parole support for our sisters on behalf of the Malcolm x Commeration Commitee . I would like to thank The People's Organization For  Progress In Newark New Jersey For their letter of support .  I would like to take the time to thank all of our friends from The Anarchist Black Cross Federation Chapters both nationally and internationally you brothers and sisters are the best in comrades and I really mean that .

I could never forget our good friends from the Jericho Movement both national and local for always keeping our families case out there and helping out in which ever way you can not just for our family but for all political prisoners . We can't forget our good friends from both the campaign to bring Mumia hone and the NYC coalition to free Mumia Abu Jamal thank you guys for everything we do we love y'all . I am sending a special thank you to our good friends from workers world party/International Action Center  for always printing our information in your papers and always opening your doors to us and just being there when needed.  We cannot forget all of our friends who have always been there to help in whatever way. Freda Willis , Alina Dollat , Clarissa Rogers , Patrice Armstead , Gabe , Shaseena, Sheena , Cindy Lou , Erica, Rufus , Mattie , Scott Ted , The Philly Crew . A special thank you to Joe and Betsy Piette and The Philly Coalition For Real Justice .

I wanted to take the time to shout out Students For Justice In Palestine for The contributions you have made in both philly and NYC and nationally in the efforts to help free The Move 9 . You brothers and sisters are the future . Shout out to sister Sophia Dawson and the beautiful artwork you have done for both The Move 9 and all Political Prisoners . Shoutout to Suzanne Ross , Paulette Dauteil , Daniel McGowan , Johanna Fernandez , Gwen Debrow Keith Robinson and Mumia Abu Jamal Thank You to all the people who wrote letters and made phone calls to both the parole board and governor's office your contributions are greatly appreciated and The Move 9 appreciates it . Shout out to Kamua Bectemba and Sandy Jones . Shout out to the Shoats family and shandre Delaney we can't forget noelle from prison radio neither .

Even  after a successful  worldwide campaign advocating parole for Eddie  and our sisters they were all still denied parole each given a two year hit . This by no means is a lost this has just even pushed the cause of our fight against the parole board even further and has even gained more support for our family .  We appreciate all the hard work of our brother Johnnie Stevens and all the contributions he has always made to help us and we wanted to give him a special thank you along with brother Donnie and Sister Tsihow who helped with the live stream for Feburary 12th . We can never forget our international Crew in France And Abroad . We Say Thank you to Sister Espy  Brother Benjamin . I'm sending a special thank you to our wonderful web administrator as well .  This Fight is Far From Over as Delbert , Eddie, Janet , Janine, and Debbie will all be going back before the parole board in 2018 . We are still awaiting word on the August 2016 parole appeal hearing for Mike Africa still no word yet on the status . This Parole issue has just not affected our family but is affecting Jalil , Seth , Herman, Sundiata and so many others  the time to take a stand is now . We are still urging people to sign the petition aimed at United States attorney General Loretta Lynch Demanding The Us Justice Department to investigate the wrongful and ongoing imprisonment Of The Move  9 . People can sign the petition at

So Closing this out I couldn't mention everyone but your efforts and contributions in this fight is greatly appreciated for 2017 this fight will intensify even more much love and revolutionary solidarity to everyone



Sunday, October 30, 2016

To My Sister's

On The Move

Hi Janet, Neen, Debbie, and Merle How's my sister's doing , strong right , I'm still sitting here looking at a picture of y'all from muncy with Swella , Ria, Bert , and Mona in it Damm my sisters are beautiful , inside and out . I got to thinking of some of the fun we had playing jokes on each other and the car wash we had , I love y'all and miss y'all a whole lot , but I know the bond of love and family still keeps us connected ! LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA ain't this something , we been so called separated , for 38 years but we are closer now than when these system people put us in these jails ,we still United, still giving and sharing love and family , we've grown strong together, helping each other to keep their eyes and minds on what's important , life , health , revolution that creates, togetherness , builds harmony , bonds us all together , in MOVE , and those not in MOVE as we are all connected thru the bond of life created by MOMMA , GOD THE CREATOR! LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA . I want y'all to never forget , you are loved , you are missed and will always have family to turn to hear me , I love you Debbie , I love you Merle , I love you Janet, I love you Neen , I love my family and always will , take care of each other hear , hold on to each other , care for each other , this is what family is all about ! On The Move Y'all , We will see each other !

On The Move


Eddie Africa

Friday, October 21, 2016

New Article By The Move 9

The Move 9 Have been eligible for Parole since August 2008, After being in prison for 30 years . We have repeatedly been denied  . In June  of this year (2016) , we were denied parole again , for a total of ten years past the time we should have been released . One of the reasons the parole board gave to justify not releasing us is that we are a threat to the safety of the community . This is not true . People are not afraid of Move People . Move People ain't strangling people to death , shooting people in the back . It ain't MOVE that killed a man in front of his fiancĂ© and four year old child . MOVE is not drive by shooting , or terrorizing folks in the community. It's the community who is faxing , emailing , and calling the parole board asking for our release on parole .

It is The Parole Board And D.A. John Straub who continue to deny our release for no valid reason . On August 8th 1978, hundreds of cops attacked our home at 3:00am in the morning trying to kill us , They couldn't kill us that day , so they are trying to finish the job in these prisons but understand -John Straub and The Parole Board are not justified . MOVE did not go out to The Police's house to do them harm . The Cops came to our house , because a judge sent them to our house to serve bench warrants for not appearing in court not for rape , murder, kidnapping,or abuse but for not appearing in court for a civil matter.Understand this , hundreds of cops were sent to our home , while we were asleep , dressed in swat gear , armed with all type of weaponry , semi -automatic weapons, fire fighters , , smoke bombs , tear gas , a deluge gun, a crane and a bulldozer to serve bench warrants , for a housing code violation .

It was The Police who came to MOVE'S premise . They came armed to the teeth and in their frenzy to kill MOVE , they killed one of their own, and condemned us for it . We are not making this up . The evidence is clear . The whole world witnessed the attack on the MOVE house May 13th 1985 , where the house was bombed into a blazing inferno, the 6 adults were shot and killed  and the 5 children were shot back into the house by police as they tried to escape the burning flames where they died . These are proven Facts . During the cities investigation hearing , It was ruled that the cops used excessive force and the killings were wrongful deaths . Those children were our children in that house that day , yet not one cop or official connected to the bombing of our family were held accountable , responsible for these deaths like the parole board is telling The Move 9 we have to take responsibility for a crime when The District Attorney never proved MOVE had killed a police officer .

We have no weapons charges and the judge admitted on public radio to the caller,Mumia Abu Jamal ,that he didn't have the faintest idea who shot the police officer . It's a fact that world renowned forensic experts Dr Ali Hameli and Claus Speth ruled the deathsof the children HOMICIDES in a scathing report against the city , submitted to the assistant District Attorney Joan  Weimer and the grand jury did nothing . The Move 9 have spent almost 40 years in prison for killing a cop , with no real proof . The whole world saw the Philadelphia police murder our children , and family , and they have not spent a day in prison for it but what is the difference in these lives ? Does a MOVE child not bleed , when they are shot ? Does a MOVE parent not feel pain when their baby is killed , just because they are not cops or officials . Does the murder of a MOVE child , pain of MOVE parent , heartache of a black person's suffering still fall on death ears like the slaves who cried out when their babies , women,and men were sold , killed, whipped by slave owners . Ask yourself . Things May seem to have changed since those awful days , but the mentality is still very much existing . Just look around , and listen . Black lives (Don't ) Matter . That's why these cops are getting away with killing Black Men ,Women, and Children. That's why The Move 9 are still in prison almost 40 years for killing a cop , and the cops responsible for killing 11 MOVE people , 5 of them children , are walking around like they are clean and without guilt . It's the mentality that makes them feel nothing after killing people . Because to them MOVE lives (Don't ) matter . It's time for everybody to start speaking freely in protest of all this free wheeling injustice . People must understand this necessity of speaking out now . 

We are asking for people to sign The Petition we have aimed at United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch demanding that The United States Justice Dept open up an investigation into the ongoing and wrongful imprisonment of The Move 9 .People can sign the petition at Https:// Speak out with the understanding that when speaking of MOVE , you are speaking up for yourself . It can't get better for MOVE without getting better for you 

Looking Forward To The May 2017 MOVE Conference In Philadelphia 

Ona Move 

The Move 9 

For More Info People Can Go To 

Move 9
Justice For The Move 9/Facebook 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Twitter Storm On August 8th 2016 Demand The Justice Dept Take Action

Ona Move

August 8th  2016  will officially mark 38 years since innocent MOVE Members have been unjustly jailed in Pennsylvania state prisons . The Position Of THE  MOVE ORGANIZATION and SUPPORTERS of MOVE has not changed and that position is our family is innocent and we want them home and will not stop fighting until they are home . In 1998 Our  Sister  Merle Africa died in prison under mysterious circumstances . In 2015 Our Brother Phil Africa  died in prison under mysterious circumstances . From the period of 2008 to as recent as June of 2016 all of our people have been denied parole on what seems to be a questionable bias issue .

In May of 2015 Supporters Of The Move 9 put together a petition aimed at United States Attorney General  Loretta Lynch demanding an investigation into the wrongful ongoing imprisonment of The Move 9 .  There are many key figures that can cite an investigation into this case by The US Justice Dept

(1) The Destruction Of The Move House by Police On August 8th 1978 .
The House was the scene of The Crime

(2) The Beating Of Delbert Africa By Philadelphia Police on August 8th 1978
Delbert was visibly unarmed when he was beaten by police therefore his civil rights
Were violated .

(3) No Move Members were charged with weapons charges after their arrest

(4) After Sentencing Move Members To 30-100 years in prison the trial judge the late Edwin S.Malmed admitted on public radio that he had the faintest idea who killed officer James Ramp .

He in fact stated that he was sentencing Move Members to prison time for no other reason than being committed MOVE Members .

We are calling on everyone who is on twitter to participate in our twitter storm on August 8th 2016 as we garner more signatures for The Justice Dept Petition . Here is the link for The Petition for people to sign on . This link can also be shared as well so let's make this the last anniversary of The imprisonment Of The Move 9 . On August 8th 2016 follow the hashtag Free The  Move 9 .

Ona Move

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Debbie Africa Denied Parole

As expected this past week The Pennsylvania Parole Board denied parole for our Sister Debbie Africa  and gave her a two year hit .  A week and a half ago The Pennsylvania Parole Board as well denied parole for both Janet and Janine Africa giving them both a two year hit as well . The recent parole denials are nothing more than yet another pathetic attempt by this Government to try and break our sisters . This attempt by this Government has not and will not Break our Sisters because they are Strong , Secure, and Committed Revolutionary Women thanks to JOHN AFRICA The FOUNDER and COORDINATOR  Of THE MOVE ORGANIZATION . 

Our sisters are remaining strong and have not given up in their fight for REVOLUTION  and this is an encouraging example for us all to keep fighting . By no means are these recent denials a defeat for us but this gives us more fuel, more fire, to keep exposing this issue with The Pa Parole Board And The Fraternal Order Of Police . This fight is far from over as we now prepare for The August 2016 parole hearing for our Brother Michael Africa and The now 2018 parole hearings for Delbert , Eddie , Janet , Janine , and Debbie Africa . So as was stated earlier this fight is FAR FROM OVER and we are not letting up not one bit and we will continue to work to bring our family home .

We will soon post  our next course of action as it relates to the illegal parole denials of The Move 9 . In the meantime we continue to urge people to sign and share the official petition we have aimed at The United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch urging an investigation into The Wrongful and Ongoing Imprisonment of The move 9 . People can sign by going to the link
Also This August 8th 2016 on the 38 Anniversary of The arrest of The Move 9 we will be putting together a twitter storm to obtain our goal of 25,000 signatures for The Us Justice Department petition for an investigation into the wrongful imprisonment issue . 

In the meantime we urge people to stay strong and keep fighting 

Ona Move 


For More Info People Can Go To 

Move 9 Paroleblogspot .com
Justice For The Move 9 / Facebook 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Janet and Janine Africa Denied Parole Take Action This Tuesday 6/7/16

We received word late last night from our sister Janet Africa that her self and Janine Africa were both denied parole and given a two year hit . We do not have all of the specifics into why they were denied parole as that will be released in the next couple of days but in the meantime we will continue with our course of action . As we made it clear in January officials will no longer be allowed to get away with this as the pressure over the issue of parole has picked up . we are urging people to take action this Tuesday June 7th as we will continue to keep the pressure on Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf the same man who said that much needed changes are needed with the Pennsylvania parole board and we will now focus our attention to The Attorney General Of Pennsylvania Kathleen Kane as we are now calling for a criminal investigation into the illegal actions of The Pennsylvania Parole Board and their questionable working relationship with The Fraternal Order Of Police .

From 9:00am to 12:00 Noon 
Call , Fax, Email , or Tweet  Pa Governor Tom Wolf at 
(P) (717) 787-2500
(F) (717) 772-8284
(Email) (contact page) 
Twitter  @ Governor Tom Wolf 

Reach out to Governor and inquire into why Janet (Holloway) Africa 006308 and Janine (Phillips ) Africa 006309 were both denied parole and why has he allowed these continued illegal denials to continue when he oversees and has responsibility over the same parole board in which he himself has called for reform over .

From 1:00pm to 4:00pm 
Call or tweet the office Of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane 
(P) (717) 787-3391
Twitter @Pa Attorney General 

Reach out to her office and inquire why from a period of 2008 thru 2016 have former police officers and former law enforcement officials been allowed to review a case that revolves around the murder of a police officer and how can an outside organization like The Fraternal Order Of Police have a say so over the parole review of Move Political Prisoners .
We are demanding a complete criminal investigation into the illegal parole denials of The Move 9 Janet (Holloway) Africa 006308 Janine (Phillips) Africa 006309 William (Phillips) Africa am4984 (now deceased) Delbert (Orr) Africa am4985 Edward (Goodman) Africa am4974 Michael (Davis) Africa am4973 From  2008 to the present   .

We have yet to receive word on a decision for Debbie Africa but we expect the same outcome as well As we continue our fight against The Pa Parole Board we we are still pushing for The United States Justice Department to investigate the unjust and ongoing imprisonment of The Move 9 . To Sign The Petition people can go to 

This System is under a tremendous amount of pressure over this issue and we are not going to let up this is a fight that we are determined to win and will win by no means is this recent parole denials of our two sisters a setback . It's giving us more energy and fire to keep fighting The Parole Board and Fraternal Order Of Police .

Ona Move 

For More Info People Can Go To 

Move 9 Paroleblogspot .com

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This Thursday May 26th 2016

It is expected that during the month of June 2016 The Pennsylvania Parole Board  will release a decision in regards to whether The Move 9 Sisters will be granted or denied parole . Really this Government has already made the decision in regards to parole for our sisters and they are now stalling to release the decision due to the pressure they have on them in regards to the unjust and continuing imprisonment of MOVE Political Prisoners . We have to keep the Pressure on The Pa Parole Board And Pa Governor Tom Wolf  over this issue of our family being illegally denied parole . We are calling on all people interested   In freedom and justice to stand in solidarity in demanding parole for The Move 9 Sisters this Thursday May 26th 2016 .

From 9:00 am  to 12 Noon  Call , Tweet , Fax , and Email The Office Of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf 

(P) (717) 787-2500 
(F) (717) 772-8284
(Email) page) 
Twitter @ Governor Tom Wolf 

From 1:00pm To 5:00pm  Call or email The Pa Parole Board 

(P) (717) 772-4343 

The Demand is clear and has not changed we want the immediate parole of Janet (Holloway) Africa 006308 , Janine (Phillips) Africa 006309 , and Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307 .

This is a matter that we are not backing down from and will continue to make an issue of this and to keep the pressure on the Parole Board and Governor . Our sisters were never even charged with weapons charges when convicted in 1980. All three of our sisters were given the recommendation of their institution on various occasions at least 99 Percent of the time when an inmate is recommended for parole by the institution they are in they are paroled by the board but not when it comes to our sisters and brothers of The Move 9. 

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability  Campaign 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Specia Thank You From The Move 9 Sisters

As we await word on the status of the recent parole hearings for our sisters we just wanted to send everyone a thank you letter that our sisters wrote for everyone  we will keep everyone posted on our next plan of action  - Orie

We want to let all of our supporters know that we appreciate the work y'all are doing is being felt , having an impact  and putting pressure on this system to do right by MOVE. During our recent parole hearing , the board members commented on the letters , the calls, and emails they got from here and around the world in support of MOVE. Your calls and emails to the parole board and governors office on the day of our hearing shut their communications system down LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA !  It's motivating and encouraging having y'all in our corner . We will stay strong despite the parole board , despite this system . They will never stop THE MOVE ORGANIZATION .

On The Move 

Debbie, Janet , And Janine  Africa


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Update On The May 12th 2016 Parole Hearings For The Move 9 Sisters

Ona Move
This was a short note that Debbie sent me today via email we will keep people updated in the next couple of days for our next course of action
Ona Move
Went to parole hearing, all 3 of us. It went good, as far as we're concerned. between the three of us, we got to talk, put out a lot of MOVE Belief from what started May 20th that lead to Aug. 8. To what our belief is about, to how MOVE DONT, DONT HATE COPS. In fact a lot of cops were very supportive of MOVE during the May 20 confrontation, would listen to Move people talk about our plight, for hours and understood Move... The interviewees were Ms. Lebenne in person, and Mr. McCray, on the TV screen,who were very unantagonistic. That aint no word, I don't think but, you get my meaning. They were not antagonistic at all, which made it easier to deal with all the way around, especially with tomorrow being May13. We all felt satisfied that we did good. LLJA
Ona Move Debbie Africa