Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sign the petition urging the Attorney General to free the Move 9

In recent years, numerous instances of racial profiling, civil rights violations and use of excessive police force have been investigated. The case of the Move 9 is widely acknowledged as a racially charged incident. Despite substantial evidence of their innocence and the lengthy time served, they remain incarcerated. For this reason, many are calling on the U.S. Attorney General to open a rigorous investigation into this case, and advocating for their release on parole.

Read the full text and sign the petition, where you can also share it on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Eddie Africa Solidarity Week

Sometime this month our Brother Eddie Africa will be making yet another appearance before the Pa Parole Board . Although an official date has not been given to Eddie yet it can be any given day without any advance notice . Last year prison officials told Eddie the morning of his hearing that he was having his hearing as they did Delbert Africa this past year and informed Debbie Africa the night before her hearing that she was having a hearing leaving the three of them with no time to prepare for their hearings .

This is being done for two reasons 
(1) The Parole Board already has their decision made in regards to parole for Move Members prior to their hearing and are trying to look fair by appearing they are going through the proper steps in the eyes of the public.

(2) They do this rushed and quietly and try to work around the eyes of people watching these hearings who are protesting in the interest of The Move 9 being paroled from prison .

This week 10/5/15 Thru 10/9/15 has been deemed Eddie Africa solidarity week . We are asking people to do something simple but effective we are asking people to help us flood the phone lines of The Pa Parole Board And Demand Parole for Our Brother Eddie Africa.

These are key points people can make when they call
(1) Eddie has a home plan secured 
(2) Eddie has employment secured .
(3) Eddie has not had a disciplinary infraction in 16 years.

Also it appears to be a clear conflict of interest to have three of The Board Members overlooking Eddie's hearing Pamela Grey , Jeffrey Imboden, and Michael Green .

(1) Leslie Grey is a Former Police Officer with STRONG TIES to Law Enforcement throughout Pennsylvania 

(2) Michael Green and Jeffrey Imboden  were both appointed to The Parole Board by then Governor Edward G. Rendell . This is a clear conflict of interest due to the fact that Edward Rendell was The District Attorney of Philadelphia and it was the office of Ed Rendell that prosecuted Eddie Africa and eight other Move Members for the crime they are in prison wrongly for now .
(3) Advise The Parole Board that you are  watching their actions in regards to Eddie and you do not want a rushed and unfair hearing for Eddie .

People can call The Parole Board at (717 772-4343 and Demand Parole for Edward Goodman Africa Am-4974 . They will try to divert people by telling them to write a letter do not let them divert you . This phone line was created specifically for people to call in regards to support for parole as it states on their website . Also we are urging people to sign The New Petition we have aimed at The Justice Dept urging them to take action in The Case Of The Move 9 you can sign the petition at Please share this site with as many people as possible our goal is to reach 25,000 signatures .

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

For More info people can go to 

Justice for the move 9/Facebook 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Write a letter in support of parole for Eddie Africa

In October, our Brother Eddie Africa is set to make another appearance before the PA Parole Board. Your letters of support are urgently needed. We are asking for your support at this critical stage to secure the freedom Eddie deserves.  Feel free to use the sample letter below and write in your own words.

NOTE: Please send all letters of support to Orie Ross, P.O. Box 575, Times Square Station, New York, NY 10108-0575 so they can be reviewed and sent to the Board. The deadline for letters will be Wednesday September 30th.

Sample Letter:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mumia Needs Us Action Alert

MUMIA ALERT ! Phone Calls Needed Now – September 8, 2015
September 7, 2015. Two days ago, prison staff boxed-up all Mumia’s personal effects from his cell while he was in the prison infirmary trying to recover from the prison’s medical malfeasance and neglect that nearly killed him. The handling of prison property in the absence of a prisoner is a violation of prison procedures. After signing the forms required when prisoner property is placed in storage, Mumia asked if he was about to be moved to a different facility, since the boxing up of a prisoner’s property usually precedes a transfer. An officer assured him that he would not be transferred; but this all seemed really strange to Mumia.
A retaliatory transfer to some other prison would be a new blow against Mumia’s health, and would steep him and his family in greater fear and uncertainty.
Why do we sense retaliation? Because Mumia’s attorneys have filed a lawsuit charging the PA Department of Corrections with medical neglect, i.e. with failure to diagnose his disease in a timely way and with continuing to deny him adequate treatment of his debilitating and life-threatening Hepatitis C condition. The PA Department of Corrections was set to respond to the lawsuit this Thursday in court. A transfer to another prison, without giving him fully professional healthcare, would be retaliatory. Indeed it would be an attack Mumia, another way for his enemies to see him dead.We must stop any retaliatory transfer. No transfer of Mumia should take place that does not take him to a quality medical center for cure of his very serious, but treatable, Hepatitis C condition. Keep up the fight for Mumia’s life!
CALL the PA Department of Corrections and Mumia’s prison - starting now. Here’s the message:
Stop Any Retaliatory Transfer!
Treat-to-Cure Mumia’s Hepatitis C Now!
Phone in both of these demands to -
John Wetzel, Secretary of Corrections, Pennsylvania
Phone: (717) 728-2573
John Kerestes, Superintendent, SCI-Mahanoy prison
Phone: (570) 773-2158

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Demand the Justice Dept Do the Right Thing - Be in Philly August 1st

This August 8th will mark 37 years now that our innocent family members have been unjustly imprisoned by Philadelphia and Pennsylvania officials for a crime that not only these officials but the world knows they did not commit. In 1998 and 2015, two of our family members Merle Africa and Phil Africa both died under very mysterious circumstances in Pennsylvania prisons after being unjustly jailed for so long.  Merle spent 20 years of her life unjustly jailed and left to die in prison. Phil spent 36 years unjustly jailed and left to die by Pennsylvania officials in prison. Enough Is Enough.

For 37 years now, the Philadelphia District Attorney past Linn Abraham and Present Seth Williams have worked in conjunction with the Fraternal Order of Police, and now the Pennsylvania Parole Board, to ensure that our family remain in prison for the rest of their lives. Innocent people remain in prison who, in the words of the Pennsylvania Parole Board, are a risk to the safety of the community. Yet, the biggest threat to the safety of our community, the Police, are walking the streets murdering our children with immunity. You can look no further than the example of Sandra Bland in the south.

The Move Family and our Supporters are calling for people to be in Philadelphia Saturday August 1st for Our Community Town Hall Meeting To Demand The Justice Dept take action and investigate the Case And Wrongful Imprisonment of the Move 9. There will be several topics discussed at the town hall meeting topics such as:

The Destruction of the House 

The Beating of Delbert Africa 

The Trial of the Move 9 

The Illegal Practices of the PA Parole Board

All of this and more discussing why The Justice Dept Needs to Take Action

We will also be joined by Temple Journalism Professor Linn Washington and Activist Attorney Michael Coard. Join us Saturday August 1st From 12:00pm To 4:00pm at The African American Museum located on 701 Arch Street Downtown Philadelphia. 

For More info People can go to:

Justice for the move 9/Facebook 

Move 9

Friday, June 26, 2015

Delbert Africa Denied Parole

Earlier this Week we found out that our Brother Delbert Africa was denied parole by The Pa Parole Board and was given a two year hit . One of the reasons they cited for Delbert being  denied in their own words he is a risk to the safety of the community . This is unacceptable anyone who has ever met Delbert or has come in contact with him can tell you that Delbert Africa is nowhere near a threat to the safety of the community even The Superintendent Of SCI Dallas who along with Delbert's Counselor recommended Delbert For Parole so The Parole Board has to come with something better than this . People in the community who The Parole Board are saying are at risk all wrote letters of support for Delbert's Parole.

In Fact Their is a risk to the safety of people in the community but it's not Delbert Africa or the rest of The Move 9.  It's The Police known murderers of our children . The police that murdered Move Men, Women, And Move Children on May 13th 1985 walk the streets with immunity. The police who murdered Brandon Tate Brown in Philadelphia are still walking the streets with their identities protected. Akai Gurley,  Eric Garner, and so many others safety has been put at risk by these foul murderers who walk the street and continue to be a risk to the community as a whole's safety . It's obvious a person who has kept down gang  and racial violence in prison is far from a threat to the community at large .

It's obvious that officials want our family to die in prison you can look no further than the examples of Merle and Phil Africa dying in Prison . We cannot allow another person to die in these dungeons . We are urging people to please take the time to sign this petition that we have aimed at The United States Justice Dept you can go to the website at We are demanding now that the justice dept look into the unjust imprisonment of The Move 9 as a whole. Our goal is to reach 25,000 signatures as a whole so we have some serious work to do as a whole and your help is needed now more than ever.

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Keep the Calls Going for Delbert Africa

Ona Move 

Sometime on Monday, June 8th 2015 in the late morning our Brother Delbert Africa was given his parole hearing before The PA Parole Board. Delbert was scheduled to go before the board this month but did not have a set date. Usually the inmate is given advanced notice of their hearing at least a week or two before or in some cases the night before, but not in the case of Delbert Africa. With no time to prepare, Delbert on Monday morning June 8th was informed to report to the interview room for his parole hearing.

Pennsylvania Parole officials are under a severe amount of pressure over the issue of parole for Delbert and other Move Members just as early as last week people from all over the world flooded the phone lines of The PA Parole Board demanding parole for Delbert at his upcoming hearing cause of this officials secretly had Delbert's hearing to deviously keep this out of the eyes of the public and deviously under the orders of the Fraternal Order of Police and Philadelphia Officials deny parole for Delbert Africa.

Delbert called yesterday to give me the details of the hearing where he stated that he met with two parole officers named Hollins and Leander the basics were discussed where they even commended Delbert on not having any disciplinary infractions in his folder and commended him on his home plan. However the issue of the crime was still brought up and Delbert like the rest of The Move 9 continues to maintain his innocence and will not take responsibility for something that he and the rest of The Move 9 did not do.

At This point Delbert is now 71 years old and needs to be home with his family and the parole board knows this a decision has not been made yet on Delbert's Parole so let's continue to flood the phone lines of The PA Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 and demand Parole for Delbert Orr Africa AM-4985. They are going to tell people to write letters to divert their calls but we want people to keep calling because their phone lines were established for people to call to voice their concerns on parole so let's keep the pressure on.

Ona Move,

The Justice and Accountability Campaign 

For more info people can go to:

Facebook/Justice For The Move 9

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Parole Support Letters Needed For Delbert Africa

Ona Move 

First we would just like to take the time to thank all the People who have taken the time to make calls to the PA Parole Board this week in support of our Brother Delbert Africa.

The Parole Board is feeling a tremendous amount of pressure over the issue of parole for Delbert and The Move 9 overall. Due to the amount of pressure over the calls, they are now trying to divert people's attention towards letters so that the calls will stop. We urge people to keep making calls and don't stop if the PA Parole Board has such an issue with us calling then they should grant parole for Move Political Prisoners bottom line.

In the meantime, we are encouraging people to write letters on Delbert's behalf in support of Parole for him. People can write to:

Chairman John Tuttle 
PA Board of Probation and Parole
1101 South Front St., Suite 5300
Harrisburg, PA 17104

The deadline for letters is Friday, June 12th 2015. So let's get as many letters there as possible in support for Parole for Delbert (Orr) Africa AM-4985, and if you can't write a letter continue to make your calls at (717) 772-4343 and let's keep the pressure on!

For More info people can go to:
Facebook/Justice for The Move 9 

Ona move 

The Justice and Accountability Campaign

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Delbert Africa Solidarity Week

Some time during the month of June 2015, Our Brother Delbert Africa will be making an appearance before the PA Parole Board. This will be Delbert's first appearance since being denied in June of 2013. Delbert, like other Move Members, was denied Parole by the board based upon these reasons as states in his Parole Denial Sheet:

'Your minimization/denial of the nature and circumstances of the offenses committed.

Your refusal to accept responsibility for the offenses committed.'

Our Brother Delbert and the rest of our Family in prison are innocent. They need not accept responsibility and show remorse for something they did not do, and this system and it's officials know our family is innocent. At this point, our family has nothing to explain to the Parole Board. The Parole Board is in a position now where they have explaining to do.

Why is it that Leslie Grey, a former Police Officer who has VERY STRONG TIES to Law Enforcement communities in Pennsylvania, is allowed to make a decision and vote on Delbert being granted Parole?  This is a blatant conflict of interest this is the same woman who in December of 2014 voted on giving our Brother Michael Africa a five year parole hit.

Parole Board Members Michael Green and Jeffrey Imboden are appointees of Edward Rendell. Rendell being the former Governor of Pennsylvania, The former Mayor of Philadelphia, and the Former District Attorney of Philadelphia whose office prosecuted the Move 9 in 1980 for the murder of Police Officer James Ramp.

Yet another clear conflict of interest that the Parole Board will not acknowledge yet they want Move People to accept guilt for something they did not do. Your help is needed now. We have to keep the pressure on the Parole Board for the release of Delbert.

From June 1st - 5th, we are asking people to flood the phone lines of the PA Parole Board for Delbert Africa Solidarity Week. People can call the Parole Board (717) 772-4343.

Call and inquire into why:

(1) Leslie Grey, a former Police Officer who is new to the parole board and obviously has a clear bias against The Move Organization, allowed to vote over whether Delbert receives parole or not.

(2) Michael Green and Jeffrey Imboden who were both appointed to The Parole Board by the same man who prosecuted Move in 1980, Edward Rendell. 

Delbert has the recommendation of the prison for parole and also has a home plan and employment set up for him upon his release from prison so this is now in our hands. So, again, this entire week let's keep the pressure on the Parole Board. Again you can reach the Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 and demand Parole for Delbert (Orr) Africa AM-4985.

Ona Move 

The Justice and Accountability  Campaign 

For More Info People can go to:
Facebook/Justice for the move 9 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Russell Maroon Shoatz on the 30th Anniversary of the Move Bombing

Ona Move

Long before it became apparent to most of us, following the teachings of JOHN AFRICA, the Move Organization aggressively tried to warn that unless a total change was undertaken, human kind would destroy themselves. Why? Because we had divorced ourselves from Mother Nature, from living in harmony with MOTHER NATURE.

We had become addicted to believing that we were so smart and clever, that our technology could solve any problem. In 2015, we know better. Now Mother Nature is taking her revenge through an ever-growing series of weather-related catastrophic events that render all of our technology of little use, and most of our scientists believe it is only going to get worse.

Humankind has been committing crimes against Nature, and the Move Organization, instead of being applauded for it's efforts to end this madness, have instead labeled the criminals, then killed and imprisoned for trying to right this wrong.

So we must all now seek to rectify this travesty by remembering their dead and their ongoing suffering, and demanding that all of the imprisoned Move Members be freed!

Ona Move

Russell Shoatz

Political Prisoner


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mumia on The 30th Anniversary Of The Move Bombing

This essay was recorded on 4/26/2015 and was released on 5/13/2015 on the 30th anniversary of the MOVE bombing.

MAY 13TH AT 30
[col. writ. 4/26/15] © ’15 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Why should we care what happened on May 13th, 1985?

I mean, seriously, that was 30 years ago, a long time ago, way back when, know what I mean?

Most people won’t say that – but they think it.

I’ll tell you why – because what happened then is a harbinger of what’s happening now – all across America.

I don’t mean bombing people (not yet, that is).

I mean the visceral hatreds, and violent contempt once held for MOVE is now visited upon average people - not just for radicals and revolutionaries – like MOVE.

In May, 1985, officials justified the vicious attacks on MOVE children by saying they, too, were “combatants”. In Ferguson, Missouri, as police and National Guard confronted ‘citizens’ with weapons of warfare guess how cops described them in their own files?  “Enemies”.

‘Enemy combatants’, anyone?

Then look at 12- year old Tamir Rice, of Cleveland. A boy, treated as if he were a man.

Boys. Men. Girls. Women. It doesn’t matter.

When many people stood in silence, or worse, in bitter acquiescence to the bombing, shooting and carnage of May 13, 1985 upon MOVE, they opened the door to the ugliness of today’s police terrorism from coast –to- coast.

There is a direct line from then to now.

May 13, 1985 led to the eerie Robocop present.

If it had been justly and widely condemned then, there would be no now; no Ferguson, no South Carolina, no Los Angeles – no Baltimore.

The barbaric police bombing of May 13, 1985 and the whitewash of the murders of 11 MOVE men, women and children opened a door that still has not been closed.

We are today still living with those consequences.


Shaka Zulu On The 30th Anniversary Of The Move Bombing

A Message for MOVE (4:12) by Shaka Zulu


Friday, May 22, 2015

Jaan Laaman On The 30th Anniversary Of The Move Bombing

Thoughts on Killer Cops and the May 13th, 1985, Move Massacre
     Almost every day the news hits us with another case of a man, a youth, sometimes even a woman, shot, choked, or beaten to death by cops.  Almost always the victims are people of color and usually the killer cop is white.  We are hearing a lot more about these cases, and that is probably because the brutality and killings are captured on video.  It is a lot harder for the government and mainstream corporate media to ignore these cases when the images are presented and see on various social media platforms.
     The sad and hard reality is that cops have been injuring and killing people, especially people of color for years and years.  Many of us might remember the names of some decades old victims: Clifford Glover, Eleanor Bumpers, Rodney King, Sean  Bell, so many other.
     We are coming up on the 30th anniversary of probably the most horrid modern day police killing of 11 people, including 5 children.  On May 13, 1985, the Philadelphia police surrounded and besieged the home of the Move Family in a Black neighborhood in Philadelphia.  Move was and is a community and revolutionary organization that advocate for issues like natural and healthy nutrition, animal rights, opposition to government repression and corruption, including a long time exposure of and resistance to abuses and killings by the Philadelphia police department.
     On that May 13 morning, 30 years ago, the cops surrounded the home.  First they fired tear gas, and soon they began shooting bullets into the house.  Over 10,000 rounds were fired into that house.  Neighbors and live TV media were watching this police siege and assault.  After some hours the police launched an outrageous and horrible escalation of their assault.  A police helicopter swooped down over the house and dropped a bomb on the roof.  The bomb exploded sending pieces of the roof and house flying.  The bomb also set off a fierce fire, which soon spread downward across the whole house.  The fire also spread to the houses on both sides of the Move home.  Although fire trucks were on hand, the cops refused to allow firemen to fight the fire.  Ultimately the entire square block of 61 houses burnt to the ground.  Dozens of families, over 200 people, had their homes and all their possessions completely destroyed.
     As the flames were engulfing the Move home, a back door opened and some women and young children tried to run out.  Police opened fire on these women and children, driving most of them back inside.  Ramona Africa, clutching one young boy, Birdie Africa, ran through the bullets and made it out alive.  These were the only two survivors of this police massacre.
     Eleven Move family members dead.  A bomb, made by the FBI and given to the Philadelphia police department, is dropped on the roof of a family home.  The bomb explodes and begins a fire.  The fire department is not allowed to put the fire out, and one entire square block of houses is burnt to the ground.
     From this entire series of deadly and horrible events, how many people, would you suppose, were held accountable, faced criminal charges or went to prison?  One person, Move member Ramona Africa, who ran through police bullets and saved young Birdie Africa, was the only person who was charged and she went to prison for 9 years.  No police, government officials, fire department personnel, the cop who dropped the bomb or the helicopter pilot, were held accountable or charged with any crime.  11 people dead, 61 houses burnt  and not one cop or government official was held accountable for anything.
     Police killings in Philadelphia and across the U.S. have continued.  But the public's knowledge about such killings and people's outrage and resistance has also continued, and in this past year has grown into a national movement against killer cops and government repression.
     This Movement today is a proper memorial to the Move members and children who died 30 years ago.  We can never forget those who died and we must put an end to cops randomly killing, men, women and children.
     This is Jaan Laaman, your political prisoner voice -- until next time, remember, Freedom Is A Constant Struggle!"