Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Celebration Of Life For Phil Africa Be In Philly Sat 1/31/15

From Ramona Africa:

ONA MOVE, Everybody. First, let me thank each of you for your genuine and kind words to this family regarding the loss of our brother, Phil Africa. We wish we could thank you individually but the sheer number of the responses we have received makes that impossible. Know that we love you all and our family truly appreciates your response to our loss. We want to inform you that there will be a celebration of the revolutionary life our brother, Phil Africa, on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at the Kingsessing Recreation Center, located at 49th and Kingsessing Ave. from 1-4 pm. We're inviting all of you that can attend. If you choose to, you can take the opportunity to verbally express how Phil touched you; what his revolutionary life means to you or whatever you would like to say about Phil Africa. If you are located far away or can not attend for whatever reason but would like to send us a brief comment about Phil, please do so and we will see that it's read at the celebration. Again, thanks to each and every one of you for all of your kind words of support.

Ramona Africa for The MOVE Family

Our thanks to Brother for helping us secure the venue.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Delbert Africa Under Attack

ONA MOVE, Everybody.  Another disturbing situation has surfaced at SCI-Dallas. Our brother, Delbert Africa, has been without a cellmate since the passing of our brother Phil Africa.  Dallas officials told Delbert that they would not give him a cellmate for a while yet the other day Delbert was brought a new cellmate. The issue is, C/O Lindler who works on Delbert’s block (block I) trying to provoke Delbert, whether it was on his own because he hates MOVE, or because he had orders.  Lindlerwas saying things like, “everybody else has cellmates, what’s so special about him”.  If this guard has a problem with MOVE people then he should request not to work Delbert’s block and leave our brother alone.  This example is so outstanding because the whole jail knows that our brother, Phil, just passed and people don’t usually antagonize and try to provoke a person that has just lost a loved one.  So what is Lindler’s problem?  We are alerting people to this situation because it looks like they’re trying to provoke something with Delbert and we won’t let themget away with this treachery, we’re doing as JOHN AFRICA teaches us to do, we’re exposing it.  Understand, this is not about Delbert having a cellmate or not, it’s about this guardmisusing the situation to try to provoke Delbert.  Robin Lucas is the superintendent’s assistant and the person to contact with your concerns. Her number is 570 675-1101, after the recordingpush 0 for operator and ask for her. Her email address isrlucas@pa.gov.  Thanks for your continued support----Ramona for the MOVE family

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Phil Africa Passes Away

On Saturday, January 10th Phil Africa, revolutionary, John Africa’s First Minister of Defense, and beloved brother, husband and father,  passed away under suspicious circumstances at the State Correctional Institution at Dallas, PA. On Sunday, January 4th Phil Africa wasn’t feeling well and went to the prison infirmary. Though he wasn’t feeling well, other inmates saw Phil Africa walking, stretching and doing jumping jacks. Hearing that Phil was in the infirmary MOVE members drove up to visit him and were denied a visit by the prison. While they were visiting with Delbert Africa, Phil was secretly transported to Wilkes Barre General Hospital where he was held in total isolation, incommunicado for five days.

Prison officials at SCI-Dallas wouldn’t communicate about Phil’s condition. They told MOVE that Phil was at Wilkes Barre General hospital and the hospital denied he was there. The hospital and the prison behaved very suspiciously denying Phil the ability to call family members or his wife of 44 years, Janine Africa, stating that she was not a blood relative. The hospital and prison received hundreds of phone calls in support of Phil from around the world. When they finally submitted to pressure and allowed Phil to call Janine on Thursday, January 8th he was heavily drugged, incoherent and couldn’t even hold the phone to talk to her.

On Friday, January 9th Phil was sent back to the prison infirmary and placed in hospice care upon arrival. On Saturday, January 10th Ramona and Carlos Africa were granted permission to visit Phil in the prison infirmary. When they reached him he was incoherent and couldn’t talk or move his head to look at them. An hour after they left Delbert called with the news that Phil passed away.

Inmates in the infirmary and others in the prison were shocked when they heard the news. They had witnessed his vigorous health for decades in the prisons, had just seen him stretching and doing jumping jacks six days earlier. This rapid decline all occurred while he was being held for six days in isolation, incommunicado from his MOVE family at Wilkes Barre General Hospital.
The fact that Phil was isolated for the six days before he passed, that he was in such better health before he was taken to the hospital, and that the hospital refused to release his medical information is beyond suspicious.

This is another example of how the system hates MOVE and will do anything to stop MOVE. You can look at the example of August 8th, 1978 when the MOVE 9 were illegally imprisoned, and May 13th, 1985 when the government dropped a bomb and intentionally murdered 11 MOVE members to see this point clearly. When Merle Africa died in prison on March 13th, 1998 the conditions were very similar. She had been one way in the prison, but within hours of being forced to go to an outside hospital she was dead.

Phil made a deep impression on people all around the world. He was constantly writing, often dozens of letters a day, encouraging solidarity and strength, and warmly advising hundreds of people. Phil worked hard to learn to paint and created countless paintings which he sent to supporters for free to draw attention to issues, get raffled off for the struggle, and bring people together. Phil took his commitment and work as a revolutionary very seriously, but was often smiling, laughing, and giving people hugs and encouragement. He was a warm father figure to many in the prison where he taught inmates how to box, to think, and how to get stronger. Despite having two of his children murdered by the system and being separated by prison, Phil was a father figure to many. He was separated from his wife Janine for over 36 of the 44 years they were married, but he worked hard to stay connected with her even though they were so callously isolated by the system.

It’s this system’s  intention for MOVE people to die in prison. The MOVE 9 never should have been imprisoned at all, and according to their sentence they should have been paroled over six years ago. The death of Merle and Phil Africa rests directly at the feet of this government! Phil will never be forgotten. He is dearly missed, but his strong example should inspire everyone to fight harder for the freedom of the MOVE 9 and all political prisoners!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Major Phil Africa Update

Ona Move 

Good News Today 1/8/15 Janine Africa finally received a call from the hospital from her husband Phil Africa. Prison Officials buckled to the worldwide pressure of the people from the past couple of days and arranged a call. After speaking to Phil Janine immediately called Move Headquarters and informed family that she spoke to Phil and that he was medicated but seemed ok. Prison Officials have stated that they will allow Phil to be able to call his Move Family this Friday 1/9/15 so we can hear from our Brother and know what's going on with his health and well being.

This is a perfect example of what we can accomplish when we are all working together uncompromisingly . Prison Officials stated from the start that they would not let Phil speak to his wife Janine or The Move Family and here days later Phil has spoken to his wife and will be calling his family this Friday. This fight is far from over we still have to stay on alert and protect our Brother and monitor his health situation at the hospital. We have to stay alert and keep the pressure on officials at SCI Dallas just because they said they are gonna give him a call doesn't mean nothing at all.

We will keep people updated on the situation with Phil when we hear from him this Friday 1/9/15. In the meantime we just wanted to thank each and every person that made calls and sent emails and shared and reported information on Phil's behalf your help is greatly appreciated and we love all of you thanking you again .

Ona Move 


For more info 

Move9 ParoleBlogspot.com 

Justice For The Move 9 /Facebook

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Flood The Phone Lines Pa Doc Secretary John Wetzel on 1/8/15

As of 9:10pm tonight we still do not have much word on the condition of our Brother William Phillips Africa. Phil's Wife Janine Africa was able to call Move Headquarters tonight and relayed the message that she did get to speak to a Major Gordon today from SCI Dallas and Major Gordon stated to Janine that tests are being run on Phil and that is the only information that he would relay to her and that Phil will be allowed to make a call after he leaves the hospital and is back at the prison. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and we are not accepting it one bit.

All of today Prison Officials at SCI Dallas have been lying to us in regards to our Brother Phil and his well being . This is a very dangerous situation and we are all still in the dark over Phil's Medical Condition we have not been allowed any information on our brother and he has not been allowed a call. Hospital and Prison Officials keep pushing this issue of Hippa and the law and that it's illegal to disclose this information . We just want to make one thing clear JUST BECAUSE IT'S LEGAL DONT MAKE IT RIGHT AS TAUGHT BY JOHN AFRCA THE FOUNDER OF THE MOVE ORGANIZATION .

If officials are so worried about the law then why was this not applied when Phil and the rest Of The Move 9 were on trial and the late Prosecutor Wlihelm Knaur changed the ballistic report on the stand to fit the prosecutor's story. Where was the interest of Law when police tore down the house immediately after Move People were arrested the house was the scene of the crime. Why wasn't the law upheld when the late judge Edwin S. Malmed admitted over public radio that he had the faintest idea who killed Officer James Ramp but was sentencing Move People to Prison because they were Move Members.

As was stated earlier we are being left in the dark on Phil's condition and we have to keep the pressure on prison officials. We are asking people on 1/8/15 to flood the phone and email lines of Pennsylvania Department Of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel at 

Phone (717) 728-2573 or email crpadoc secretary@pa.gov

Call , Email and state that we want answers into the health and well being of William (Phillips) Africa Am 4984 and that his wife and family be given full information into his health, status , and well being and that he be allowed to call his Move Family.

Also people can continue to call Wilkes Barre General Hospital at (570) 829-8111 and demand to know The Health Status, and Well being of William (Phillips) Africa and that he be allowed to call his family let's keep the pressure on .

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

For More Info 


Move 9 ParoleBlogspot.Com

Justice For The Move 9/ Facebook 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Ona Move 

There is a very serious situation going on right now with our Brother William (Phillips) Africa  and your help is urgently needed. For the past two weeks our Brother has not been feeling good suffering from what appears to be a stomach virus which turned to both vomiting and diarrhea . This past Sunday 1/4 Move Members went to SCI Dallas to visit Delbert and Phil Africa upon arrival our Brothers Raymond and Will Africa were allowed in to visit Delbert however our Brothers Carlos and Michael were not allowed to visit Phil based on the fact as prison officials stated that Phil was in the infirmary.

Later Sunday evening after the visit Delbert had called home to inform people that Phil had been taken to an outside hospital which we found out is Wilkes Barre General Hospital. For The Past two days The Move Family and supporters have been flooding The phone lines of SCI Dallas and Wilkes Barre General Hospital to receive information pertaining to our Brother Phil .The Superintendent Of SCI Dallas and other officials their are saying that they  along with the Hospital cannot give any information regarding Phil unless it is to a family member . We have been Phil 's family for 42 years now What is the problem?

Prison Officials were given the information for Phil's wife Janine (Phillips) Africa who is at SCI Cambridge Springs Pa. We are still waiting to hear from Janine Africa to see if Prison Officials have contacted but as of yesterday no one contacted her. Even though she is his wife of over 40 years prison officials have the nerve to say that she is not a blood relative.This is a very dangerous situation at hand it was believed that sometime during the visit on Sunday that prison officials shipped out Phil to the outside hospital and we have not heard from or Delbert who is cell mates with Phil has seen him.

Our Brother is being held incommunicado right now he has no access to contact his family and we have no way to contact him. Things are in complete limbo and we don't know what's going on with our brother. The issue of medical neglect and medical torture is an issue that's running rampant in The United States prison System especially as it pertains to our political prisoners . Your help is desperately needed right now. We need people to flood the phone lines of SCI Dallas This Wednesday  1/7 at phone number (570) 675-1101 and ask for Superintendent Lawrence Mahally  if he is not available then ask for his assistant Robin Locke and demand Answers into the safe and well being of Our Brother William (Phillips) Am 4984 . Let Them know the eyes of the world is watching and we want immediate answers into the health and status of Phil Africa 

Ona Move 
The Justice And Accountability Campaign .
For more info people can go to 
Justice For The Move 9/ Facebook
Move 9 Paroleblogspot.com

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Political Prisoners

On The Move

When people speak of political prisoners  this government try to make it seem as if they are ordinary criminals rather than honest people speaking out against the real criminals , this system , the government act's as if all these people who are opposing the political system are doing  it for no valid reason, rebelling against this system for no valid reason , rebelling against this system for no other reason 's to speak out , rebel, for if this system was right , honest, healthy , satisfying people wouldn't have a reason to complain but this system ain't right , sickness is rampant , dissatisfaction, conflict, war  is everywhere  honesty, satisfaction  are just words of no substance in this system , peace is non -existent when you have political prisoners who are in jail for speaking out , protesting it is because your politicians are criminal and attempting to hide crimes by jailing those who do see this political system for the enslaving monster that it is . This system is opposed to peace law is just a word with no strength to back it up , we live in a system that talks about freedom of speech , freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, but the moment you begin to assemble this system's hired guns called cops begin to beat you jail you threaten you with all types of pain if you don't stop, leave, go home,mobbing you with their black jacks giving out Justice with their guns , if you attempt to speak freely you are charged with inciting a riot . While they riot all over with their outlaw , at the same time  claiming you have freedom of speech , politics is a dangerous game where your life is the puck the football , the basketball , that is passed around , kicked aside, thrown from one bad situation to the next , politicians telling you to follow them , they know what's best for you,taking your vote , your support, and turning it against you, leading you down a blind dead end alley then blaming you accusing you of being a slacker , messing up , those of us who speak out do so cause it's needed people must be made aware of what's going on and how to correct it, the problems facing life are many and need to be addressed , we are taught to honor the original father's and mother's of this country , in reality , they were political agitators outspoken rebel's who resisted the political machine of their day , today , this system is worse than it was then and must be confronted too, sacrifice's are made in order to correct the problem's existing now, people have put their freedom , their lives , everything on the line for you , me, all of the life and the struggle must continue ,the wrong must be made right all over the world people are demonstrating , protesting yet the system would have you believe all these people worldwide , are all wrong , that none of these people who protest politically arranged situations has a valid argument , animal activists, earth activists, life activists, according to the system are all criminal , but we know this is a lie , this is the kind of foul arrogance that MOVE is constantly exposing , confronting , tearing down,we of MOVE know that politics is nothing more than disguised slavery , God gives all life the tools needed to be right , strong, healthy ,but this system of politics encourages you to ignore your God given instinct and instead replace it with external government , JOHN AFRICA teach's us that a leader's job is to teach you how to lead yourself not to follow some politician. The political prisoners in this country are down played because the government doesn't want you to realize how confused and criminal they are so whenever anyone speaks out , protests the governments hit men called cops are instructed to treat us like criminals rather than people trying to correct a problem, political prisoners are people who work and continue to work to return your life , your freedom, back to you , thru the understanding of Revolution, Clarity, Sanity when you are jailed for trying to make things right this doesn't make you wrong those doing this jailing are wrong and should be jailed themselves it is time people take back their lives it is past time that people all people begin to stand up for what's right. Stand up on your own two feet and get these blood sucking vampires off your back. The only reason politicians are up so high is because they are standing on your shoulders , mis -using  your power of purpose , your strength against you MOVE encourages all of you to keep pushing, keep speaking out and work hard to clean up all the imposition pushed on life by this political monster , We know it's not easy , but do what you can ,all you can ,whatever you can, JOHN AFRICA'S Revolution  will give you back your health , your sanity , your satisfaction and this is what MOVE is committed too. So for all of you all over the earth  who are fighting for freedom, Justice, and equality we say On The Move


Eddie AFrica

Move Political Prisoner

A Special Thank You

Ona Move

As we start the first day of the new year and move forward  in our campaign against The Pa Parole Board I'm taking the time to look back at 2014 and the strong success that we have had in this worldwide campaign.  The eyes of the world is on The Pa Parole Board and their continued illegal
Actions of keeping innocent Move Members in prison.  At this point not only are people seeing how
The Pa Parole Board are holding Move Members hostage but people are not accepting it and people are holding these legalized crooks accountable and they are writing and flooding the phone lines of
The Parole Board Every Monday demanding Justice for The Move 9.

The issue of Police Unions and their influence over these Parole Boards have been made just that an issue that is now been exposed and have people fed up and taking action. New York with The Pba and  The Parole Board and Jalil Muntaqim and now Abdul Majid. The State of New Jersey and Sundiata Acoli , Pennsylvania and The Move 9. It has been shown to the public what's going on and the public has responded in protest. When this campaign was first  initiated I never envisioned it moving this far and building the support that it did. We have moved mountains on this issue and this was just the tip of the iceberg cause we haven't even started yet.

As I look back on the past year  I  just want to thank several people who with out their hard work and help this campaign could have not gone forward. People like my Brother and Sister Illy and Margie both respectively from The Denver Abcf and South Brooklyn Abcf. These are two of the most hardworking people I have ever seen. Anything asked of these two they always did and more and the two of them and their hardwork is greatly appreciated. Meeting these two hard workers a year ago has been a blessing and I know The  Move 9 feel the same exact way. This young brother and sister have been able to bring a lot to this campaign.

I cannot forget all of the radio show host that hosted us for Move 9 Media Month in January  2014.
People like  longtime supporter in NYC Sally  O' Brien  along with Dequi Kioni Sadiki on The Where  We Live Show.  Court  Room Radio with Michael Coard in Philadelphia . The Dynamic Duo of Scotty Reid and Amejill Whitlock on Political Prisoner Radio. Also we cannot forget new friends made along the way who opened up their radio shows to us Gabriel Bryant, Maletia Ward, Sistah Q, Chris Tinson, Keri Singleton, and our good brother Final Straw and also our good friends in Delaware who hosted us on radio and  cable on the same day.

I want to thank my Brother Mumia Abu Jamal  for his two beautiful commentaries  that he contributed for Move Media Month.  You really set the tone and it was appreciated my Brother.
I cannot forget sister Noelle Hanrahan and Prison Radio for giving recording time to Move Poltical Prisoner Janine Africa  for a statement that we played over the airwaves during Move Move 9 Media Month.  I cannot forget Philadelphia activists Patrice Armstead , Clarissa Rogers,  and Kamua Bectemba who have all been a big help in any way possible . These three are also great workers and people in general that any movement would be blessed to have.

I cannot forget new friends met along the way like Alina Dollat and Freda Willis both who I have never met one on one but oh man these are two hardworking sisters that are on point and  are a true value to the work around Political Prisoners. I cannot forget our good friends from The NYC Free Mumia  Coalition  who have always reported our email and statements along with our good friends from NYC Jericho. Our good friends From The NYC Anarchists Black Cross . There were some people that I didn't mention but believe me your hard work is greatly appreciated and acknowledged.
Your hard work is admired and The Move 9 appreciates it a whole lot.

I just wanted to take the time to thank all the people who wrote letters in support of Parole For The Move 9 and who have called and continued to call The Parole Board  on behalf of Justice For The Move 9. Shout to Sister Shandre Delaney and shout to The Dallas Six and all The People Doing work in support of These fierce Brothers. Shout out to Russell Maroon Shoatz and Supporters working to help our brother Maroon . Shout out to Brother Lorenzo Cat Johnson and his Wife Tazza Savatto and all of their supporters let's continue to run on Pennsylvania Doc and the injustice Y'all Solidarity.
We are really moving mountains and it shows greatly .

Lastly a special shout out to my two beautiful sisters Ramona Africa and Ann Lamb who have both been an inspiration and right here from the start of this campaign  this wouldn't have been able to go this far with out having the two of you . Okay I'm closing this up but thank you to all the freedom loving people  who love it enough to fight for it stay strong and keep the fight up we will win.



Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Michael Africa Sr Denied Parole For A 7th Time

Ona Move 

We just received word this morning that our brother Michael Davis Africa was denied parole for a record seventh time. What is more outrageous is the fact that Michael was given a five year hit by The Pa Parole Board. Since 2008 Move Members have been consistently denied parole for being nothing more than committed Move Members. At Different hearings over the years different members were given one year hits, two year hits,the longest hit being three years for Janet Africa until today when Michael Sr was given  a five year hit by The Pa Parole Board.

The Parole Board cited these reasons for Michael's denial

(1) Failure to show motivation for parole

(2)  Risk to the safety of the community .

(3) Negative recommendation made by the Prosecuting Attorney

(4)  Failure to show remorse 

(5) Failure to take responsibility for the crime committed .

The Parole has stated that Michael is a risk to the community at large yet the request of the community to have Michael paroled was ignored by The Parole Board.  Michael like other committed Move Members will not take responsibility for a crime he and other Move Members are innocent of. The District Attorney of Philadelphia Seth Williams again was only eleven years old when The Move 9 was arrested on August 8th 1978 and is doing this under the orders of The Fraternal Order Of Police.

Today's denial of Parole for Michael and the five year hit  is a result of the massive protest that you see going on this very day in regards to police brutality and the murder of our children. 36 years ago The Move Organization was speaking out and demonstrating against this same exact thing that is going on today and for this The Move 9 were unjustly jailed. The Parole Board is working in conjunction with The police and this System and it's officials to keep Michael and other committed Move Members in prison. The issue of police brutality and murder is over all of America 's door steps today.

This system and it's officials are working to keep innocent people in prison. People who have fought against this injustice are now being punished with five year parole denials because this system and it's officials are being exposed on a worldwide level and our freedom fighters in prison are being made to suffer out of retaliation for doing nothing more than speaking the truth for so many years. This isn't about Justice because if this system was about Justice then The guilty cops that killed Eric Garner would be in jail. The guilty cop that killed Akai Gurley would be in jail. The guilty cops that killed Move People on May 13th 1985 would be in jail not the people that demonstrated against this same thing 36 years ago. This Fight Is Far From Over There Will Be More Info To Soon Follow.

Ona Move 
Orie, Mona, Illy , Margie, Ann, And Patrice.

For More Info People Can Go To 

Move 9 Parole Blogspot .Com

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Pa Parole Board War Against The Move 9.

On The Move!!!

On Novembef 12th I had a parole hearing, My 7th since becoming eligible in 2008. The latest  hearing was presided over by Parole Board Members Gray and Shultz. Gray was in Harrisburg ,
Conducting her interview via T.V. Monitor, and kicked off the hearing by asking me what happened
The day of the offense.

I told them what happened  on 8/8/78  occurred  because in march 1976  police came out to Headquaters attacking Move People. They attacked Janine , knocking her infant son from her her arms and stomped on the baby crushing his skull. Move people went to the authorities demanding
Attention to that heinous crime and received no response. The D.A. (Ed Rendell )  was contacted  and
He flatly refused to investigate. The police , as usual , lied. Denying that the incident never occurred when contacted by the local press ..

Finally , Move invited  Philadelphia city council members to our house to view the lifeless form of life Africa , Janine and Phil's murdered son. The cities response to this news report, As well as the ensuing call for an investigation by those city council members , was not to respond at all. Absolute silence from officials who take every opportunity to castigate any incident even remotely connected to The Move Organization and nothing more from the mainstream press who has always acted in concert with racist city officials .

So we held a demonstration at our Headquaters. To expose what had happened to the public what city officials were trying their best to cover up. However , rather than heed their own city officials were trying their best to cover up. However , rather than heed their own city officials call for an independent outside review into the murder., Philadelphia city officials forced a standoff , eventually sending 500-600  more  of those same crazy cops to further attack us. Firing in huge amounts of water , tear gas, smoke and bullets in the basement . Where they knew we all were.

Gray's only comment was that it was clear to her that I was sticking to my version and said she had nothing further she wanted to ask. Shultz then asked her only question of the hearing . She asked who was responsible for the incident. I said city officials and the cops. We didn't assault their women and children . They came to our house doing these things. We were all in the basement of the house  6 feet  below street level nearly drowning from all of the water being pumped in by fireman and blinded by tear gas and smoke shot in by the cops. The cop that was killed was facing our Headquaters  when struck by a bullet that hit from behind  traveling on a downward trajectory.
Which was impossible for any of us to have done even if you believe we had guns , which we did not.
Our only goal in doing  in doing what we did  was to bring attention to the injustice being melted out to The Move Organization by philly cops at the direction  of city officials . We simply asked that our family  stop being assaulted and murdered by those city cops and because they refused  our requests. We had a demonstration to  publicize our plight directly to the people. Just as you see being done in the cases of ferguson Missouri , with Oscar Grant  in Oakland , and many other cities . Until these incidents were exposed to the people by the people , forcing media attention and calls for Justice , only then was there a semblance of an official investigation . Well, that is all  that Move did 37 years ago.

Shultz said she had nothing further to ask and the hearing was over .Needless to say, their not even bothering to ask any routine questions about a home plan, job plan , or anything else  related to life outside of prison , Is always a clear indication that they never intend to consider release . The entire hearing didn't last more than a couple of minutes . So now I await the official response of what they've made crystal clear in the past six parole hearings. They intend to finish the job that philly officials , Their Storm Trooper Cops, Their Racist Judges and Bias press started decades earlier.

Michael ( Davis ) Africa Sr

Monday, December 1, 2014

Eddie Africa Denied Parole Enough Is Enough

Ona Move 

We found out Today that for a record seventh time now our Brother Eddie Africa was denied parole by the Pa Parole Board. As usual The Parole Board stated the issue of 
Eddie not showing remorse for a crime that he and other Move Members are innocent of.
They stated the fact that Eddie did not take responsibility for a crime that he and other Move Members are innocent of. At this point the nature of the crime is not the issue because you can look no further than the late Trial Judge Edwin Malmed  who the day 
After giving Move Members 30-100 years in prison stated that he had the faintest idea
Who murdered Officer James Ramp was sending Move Members to prison based on 
The fact that they are Move Members and not for the murder of Officer James Ramp.

This system and it's officials say that it's time for Move People to Move Past The Bombing 
and murder of Move Members on May 13th 1985 but this system and it's parole board has not applied this to August 1978 and the murder of Officer James Ramp which they are using as an excuse to keep committed Move Members in prison. The Parole Board took almost two months to deliver a decision that was already made by The Fraternal Order of Police and Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams and dictated to newly appointed Parole Board Chairman Lloyd White a former Police Officer Himself . All of these parties are working together to ensure that The Move 9 remain in prison for life. Even The Warden of SCI Mahanoy where Eddie is at gave him a negative recommendation for parole.

People should be outraged by this people who stood up and fought for all of life to be free are being unjustly imprisoned while the people that killed Michael Brown, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, 11 Move Members from 1985, all walk the street . When do you say Enough is Enough we are fed up and you should be too. We want people to continue calling The Parole Board and continue questioning them about the unjust imprisonment of The Move 9.
The Parole Board can be reached at (717) 772-4343 call these misfits and let your voices be heard about the issue of The Move 9 being held hostage in Pa Prisons.

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

For More Info People Can Go To 

Move 9 ParoleBlogspot.com

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Saturday, November 8, 2014



The fight for justice for Move political prisoners wages on and your help is needed right now at this very crucial time. Our Brother Michael Davis Africa Sr. (AM-4973) will be making his appearance before The PA Parole Board within the next two weeks. The PA Parole Board is under a tremendous amount of pressure over the issue of the Move 9 and Parole. They have tried to divert our phone calls; they have turned off their phones; they have said that their computers were down; but this still hasn't stopped us. Your help is crucial at this time - this week is Michael Africa Solidarity Week!

We need people to call the PA Parole Board and demand parole for Michael Davis Africa AM-4973. The Parole Board can be reached at (717) 772-4343. At this point, people know all the points to be made so let's do what we have been doing for the past year and demand parole for Mike and Move Political Prisoners.  It is Freedom Time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Take A Stand for Mumia and PA Prisoners - Call-in Today


The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home is seeking your support to caravan to Harrisburg, PA on Wednesday, October 15 to fight the newest legislation created to silence the voice of PA prisoners.

Tomorrow, the PA Senate will vote on House bill HB2533 and Senate bill SB508. In the spirit of the "Mumia Exception," this legislation was fast-tracked in direct response to the positive support Mumia received for his Goddard College commencement speech. This bill will make it illegal for prisoners to speak publicly AND sue those prisoners who do and the parties who assist them. 

This legislation was created to silence the voice of political prisoners like Mumia Abu Jamal, Lorenzo "Cat" Johnson and Russell Shoatz whose voices can be heard around the world, in spite of their physical captivity. Consider how much their voices have contributed to our intellectual heritage and collective growth. Consider all that we have learned about prison conditions and prisoner rights violations from the voices of the imprisoned. This bill will not only silence prisoner's voices; it will silence the voice of all those who want to hear them. Legislation like this reminds us that all bodies behind bars are political prisoners. 

The precedence of this repression legislation has far reaching implications for prisoners rights, freedom of speech, and our collective ability to take on the state. We need supporters go to Harrisburg to show physical support and accompany members of the MOVE family as they meet with legislators. If you can attend and or volunteer as a driver, please respond to this email or call 267-259-1740. With enough support, we will rent vans from Philadelphia and NY. Tentative Philadelphia departure is 7:30am.