Saturday, October 3, 2015

Eddie Africa Solidarity Week

Sometime this month our Brother Eddie Africa will be making yet another appearance before the Pa Parole Board . Although an official date has not been given to Eddie yet it can be any given day without any advance notice . Last year prison officials told Eddie the morning of his hearing that he was having his hearing as they did Delbert Africa this past year and informed Debbie Africa the night before her hearing that she was having a hearing leaving the three of them with no time to prepare for their hearings .

This is being done for two reasons 
(1) The Parole Board already has their decision made in regards to parole for Move Members prior to their hearing and are trying to look fair by appearing they are going through the proper steps in the eyes of the public.

(2) They do this rushed and quietly and try to work around the eyes of people watching these hearings who are protesting in the interest of The Move 9 being paroled from prison .

This week 10/5/15 Thru 10/9/15 has been deemed Eddie Africa solidarity week . We are asking people to do something simple but effective we are asking people to help us flood the phone lines of The Pa Parole Board And Demand Parole for Our Brother Eddie Africa.

These are key points people can make when they call
(1) Eddie has a home plan secured 
(2) Eddie has employment secured .
(3) Eddie has not had a disciplinary infraction in 16 years.

Also it appears to be a clear conflict of interest to have three of The Board Members overlooking Eddie's hearing Pamela Grey , Jeffrey Imboden, and Michael Green .

(1) Leslie Grey is a Former Police Officer with STRONG TIES to Law Enforcement throughout Pennsylvania 

(2) Michael Green and Jeffrey Imboden  were both appointed to The Parole Board by then Governor Edward G. Rendell . This is a clear conflict of interest due to the fact that Edward Rendell was The District Attorney of Philadelphia and it was the office of Ed Rendell that prosecuted Eddie Africa and eight other Move Members for the crime they are in prison wrongly for now .
(3) Advise The Parole Board that you are  watching their actions in regards to Eddie and you do not want a rushed and unfair hearing for Eddie .

People can call The Parole Board at (717 772-4343 and Demand Parole for Edward Goodman Africa Am-4974 . They will try to divert people by telling them to write a letter do not let them divert you . This phone line was created specifically for people to call in regards to support for parole as it states on their website . Also we are urging people to sign The New Petition we have aimed at The Justice Dept urging them to take action in The Case Of The Move 9 you can sign the petition at Please share this site with as many people as possible our goal is to reach 25,000 signatures .

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign 

For More info people can go to 

Justice for the move 9/Facebook 

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