Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alert Michael L. Green Is Now The Chairman Of The Parole Board

Earlier this afternoon a serious matter was brought to our attention that we would like to make the public aware of . Yesterday 10/5/15 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf appointed Michael L. Green  as the permanent Chairman of The Pennsylvania Parole Board . Most people might question us on why we are sharing this piece of information. The reason why is that Michael L. Green was appointed to The Parole Board A little over ten years ago by former Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell . Edward Rendell was The District Attorney of Philadelphia during the trial of The Move 9 and in fact his office prosecuted The Move 9.

This is a clear conflict of interest and the parole board is being blatant and out right public with keeping The Move 9 in prison further with The help now of Governor Tom Wolf . This further shows the length this system and it's officials will blatantly go to keep innocent people in prison the fact that a man who was appointed to the parole board by a man who had his hand in the persecution of Move Members since the 70's will have the final say so over their parole fate . This is the same man who Move Family Members confronted at a public meeting this past spring who ran from MOVE people when he was confronted on the issue of the unjust parole denials of The Move 9 .

For the past two days we managed to keep the phone lines of The Pa Parole Board flooded with calls and now we have to keep it up more than ever . Call The Pa Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 and demand parole for Edward (Goodman) Africa Am-4974 .The main issue we are asking people to push now is the issue of the clear conflict of interest over the fact that the newly appointed Chairman Of The Parole Board was appointed by The Former Governor Of Pennsylvania Edward G Rendell the same man who was The District Attorney Of Philadelphia during the trial of The Move 9 and whose office prosecuted The Move 9. By no means can this man provide a fair and bias parole decision for Eddie and the rest of our family the power is in our hands .

Also this is another reason why we are urging people sign The Justice Dept Petition for The Move 9 at https://www.causes.com/campaigns/92454-free-the-move-9

For More Info People can go to 

Move 9 Paroleblogspot.com

Justice For The Move 9 /Facebook

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