Saturday, May 30, 2015

Russell Maroon Shoatz on the 30th Anniversary of the Move Bombing

Ona Move

Long before it became apparent to most of us, following the teachings of JOHN AFRICA, the Move Organization aggressively tried to warn that unless a total change was undertaken, human kind would destroy themselves. Why? Because we had divorced ourselves from Mother Nature, from living in harmony with MOTHER NATURE.

We had become addicted to believing that we were so smart and clever, that our technology could solve any problem. In 2015, we know better. Now Mother Nature is taking her revenge through an ever-growing series of weather-related catastrophic events that render all of our technology of little use, and most of our scientists believe it is only going to get worse.

Humankind has been committing crimes against Nature, and the Move Organization, instead of being applauded for it's efforts to end this madness, have instead labeled the criminals, then killed and imprisoned for trying to right this wrong.

So we must all now seek to rectify this travesty by remembering their dead and their ongoing suffering, and demanding that all of the imprisoned Move Members be freed!

Ona Move

Russell Shoatz

Political Prisoner


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