Friday, May 15, 2015

Rafael Cancel Miranda On The 30th Anniversary Of The Move Bombing

Message from our heroe, former political prisoner Don Rafael Cancel Miranda to MOVE:
Message to the 30th Anniversary Commemoration to the MOVE comrades:
For the sake of our people, let us not forget the sadistic massacre committed against the men, women and children of MOVE on May 13, 1985. This was really a crime against humanity. The Puerto Rican people have also been massacred by the same enemy (Ponce Massacre – March 21, 1937).
I thank the organizers and all the people who are remembering this criminal event. In the name of all conscientious people, I salute you. Those who committed this crime are still in power; perhaps with a different name, but with the same mentality. By knowing them, we will be better prepared to face their attacks. The enemy does not sleep; therefore, we must stay awake.
A special embrace for Ramona Africa and Mumia.
Rafael Cancel Miranda
Former political prisoner

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