Thursday, January 1, 2015

Political Prisoners

On The Move

When people speak of political prisoners  this government try to make it seem as if they are ordinary criminals rather than honest people speaking out against the real criminals , this system , the government act's as if all these people who are opposing the political system are doing  it for no valid reason, rebelling against this system for no valid reason , rebelling against this system for no other reason 's to speak out , rebel, for if this system was right , honest, healthy , satisfying people wouldn't have a reason to complain but this system ain't right , sickness is rampant , dissatisfaction, conflict, war  is everywhere  honesty, satisfaction  are just words of no substance in this system , peace is non -existent when you have political prisoners who are in jail for speaking out , protesting it is because your politicians are criminal and attempting to hide crimes by jailing those who do see this political system for the enslaving monster that it is . This system is opposed to peace law is just a word with no strength to back it up , we live in a system that talks about freedom of speech , freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, but the moment you begin to assemble this system's hired guns called cops begin to beat you jail you threaten you with all types of pain if you don't stop, leave, go home,mobbing you with their black jacks giving out Justice with their guns , if you attempt to speak freely you are charged with inciting a riot . While they riot all over with their outlaw , at the same time  claiming you have freedom of speech , politics is a dangerous game where your life is the puck the football , the basketball , that is passed around , kicked aside, thrown from one bad situation to the next , politicians telling you to follow them , they know what's best for you,taking your vote , your support, and turning it against you, leading you down a blind dead end alley then blaming you accusing you of being a slacker , messing up , those of us who speak out do so cause it's needed people must be made aware of what's going on and how to correct it, the problems facing life are many and need to be addressed , we are taught to honor the original father's and mother's of this country , in reality , they were political agitators outspoken rebel's who resisted the political machine of their day , today , this system is worse than it was then and must be confronted too, sacrifice's are made in order to correct the problem's existing now, people have put their freedom , their lives , everything on the line for you , me, all of the life and the struggle must continue ,the wrong must be made right all over the world people are demonstrating , protesting yet the system would have you believe all these people worldwide , are all wrong , that none of these people who protest politically arranged situations has a valid argument , animal activists, earth activists, life activists, according to the system are all criminal , but we know this is a lie , this is the kind of foul arrogance that MOVE is constantly exposing , confronting , tearing down,we of MOVE know that politics is nothing more than disguised slavery , God gives all life the tools needed to be right , strong, healthy ,but this system of politics encourages you to ignore your God given instinct and instead replace it with external government , JOHN AFRICA teach's us that a leader's job is to teach you how to lead yourself not to follow some politician. The political prisoners in this country are down played because the government doesn't want you to realize how confused and criminal they are so whenever anyone speaks out , protests the governments hit men called cops are instructed to treat us like criminals rather than people trying to correct a problem, political prisoners are people who work and continue to work to return your life , your freedom, back to you , thru the understanding of Revolution, Clarity, Sanity when you are jailed for trying to make things right this doesn't make you wrong those doing this jailing are wrong and should be jailed themselves it is time people take back their lives it is past time that people all people begin to stand up for what's right. Stand up on your own two feet and get these blood sucking vampires off your back. The only reason politicians are up so high is because they are standing on your shoulders , mis -using  your power of purpose , your strength against you MOVE encourages all of you to keep pushing, keep speaking out and work hard to clean up all the imposition pushed on life by this political monster , We know it's not easy , but do what you can ,all you can ,whatever you can, JOHN AFRICA'S Revolution  will give you back your health , your sanity , your satisfaction and this is what MOVE is committed too. So for all of you all over the earth  who are fighting for freedom, Justice, and equality we say On The Move


Eddie AFrica

Move Political Prisoner

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