Sunday, January 25, 2015

Delbert Africa Under Attack

ONA MOVE, Everybody.  Another disturbing situation has surfaced at SCI-Dallas. Our brother, Delbert Africa, has been without a cellmate since the passing of our brother Phil Africa.  Dallas officials told Delbert that they would not give him a cellmate for a while yet the other day Delbert was brought a new cellmate. The issue is, C/O Lindler who works on Delbert’s block (block I) trying to provoke Delbert, whether it was on his own because he hates MOVE, or because he had orders.  Lindlerwas saying things like, “everybody else has cellmates, what’s so special about him”.  If this guard has a problem with MOVE people then he should request not to work Delbert’s block and leave our brother alone.  This example is so outstanding because the whole jail knows that our brother, Phil, just passed and people don’t usually antagonize and try to provoke a person that has just lost a loved one.  So what is Lindler’s problem?  We are alerting people to this situation because it looks like they’re trying to provoke something with Delbert and we won’t let themget away with this treachery, we’re doing as JOHN AFRICA teaches us to do, we’re exposing it.  Understand, this is not about Delbert having a cellmate or not, it’s about this guardmisusing the situation to try to provoke Delbert.  Robin Lucas is the superintendent’s assistant and the person to contact with your concerns. Her number is 570 675-1101, after the recordingpush 0 for operator and ask for her. Her email address  Thanks for your continued support----Ramona for the MOVE family

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